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by Tomislav Radić


It is nighttime. In Croatia, a young woman cannot sleep because her baby keeps crying. Her mother-in-law is also being kept awake by the baby’s crying and she is not shy about offering unwanted child-rearing advice to her daughter-in-law. In Spain, a young husband and wife are also wide awake in the dead of night: they are in the middle of a turbulent argument. She is Spanish, he is Croatian and their marriage is in crisis because they simply do not understand one another. Back in Croatia, the young man’s elderly mother is also awake, plagued with indigestion pains. The old woman is also worried about her lodger, a young Spanish girl who happens to be the sister of the old woman’s daughter-in-law in Spain. The young girl comes home with her new lover. He is a taxi driver who drifts aimlessly through the night while his own wife endures a sleepless night with a crying baby and a nagging mother-in-law.

international title: Three Stories About Sleeplessness
original title: Tri price o nespavanju
country: Croatia
sales agent: Croatian Films Ltd.
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Tomislav Radić
film run: 87'
screenplay: Tomislav Radić
cast: Ecija Ojdanić, Jasna Ančić, Rosana Pastor, Dario Marković, Žuža Ergenyi, Maria Almudever, Marinko Prga, Dražen Bratulić
cinematography by: Vedran Šamanović
film editing: Kruno Kušec
art director: Ivica Trpčić
costumes designer: Vjera Ivanković
music: Drago Mlinarec
producer: Tomislav Radić
production: Korugva Film, Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT)
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