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by Pavel Göbl


Since the tragic death of his father, a passionate golfer, Honza has grown up only with his mother and younger brother. The family is struggling; just as Honza learns he has been accepted to university, a lien is placed on the family's assets. Instead of enjoying the summer holidays, Honza takes a temporary job in a luxurious hotel in Karlovy Vary, where his great uncle Maximilián works. He decides to get Honza back into golf, which he had played with his father as a youngster. Honza seems to have great talent and his coach decides to prepare him for a tournament. A week later, Honza plays his first real tournament, which he - to everyone's surprise - wins. A lively celebration follows, and Honza wakes up the next morning in bed with beautiful Alice. She offers Honza an advertising contract that could solve his family's financial woes, and he agrees. The day before the junior championships, something unexpected happens. Honza injures himself. And that is just the beginning...

international title: Veni Vidi Vici
original title: Veni Vidi Vici
country: Czech Republic
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Pavel Göbl
release date: CZ 07/05/2009
screenplay: Radan Dolejs, Jan Rokusek
cast: Filip Tomsa, Jitka Kocurová, Sandra Nováková, Bob Klepl, Václav Postránecký, Iveta Dušková, Anna Šišková
cinematography by: Tomas Juricek
film editing: Karel Coma
producer: Jan Nejedlý
production: Metropolitan Film, Czech Television - Česká televize, Spi International Czech Republic
distributor: SPI International Czech Republic
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