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by Peter Strickland


As soon as he discovers that he is not Orbán’s father, Katalin Varga’s husband throws her out of the house. Not wanting her son to grow up without a Dad, Katalin has no other choice but to find the real father. Under the pretext of paying her sick grandmother a visit, mother and son set off on a journey to the Carpathian Mountains. For Katalin this means returning to a place she never wanted to see again in her life, a place that she will always associate with the crime of which she was a victim eleven years ago....

international title: Katalin Varga
original title: Katalin Varga
country: Romania, United Kingdom, Hungary
sales agent: Memento International
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Peter Strickland
film run: 82'
release date: FR 07/10/2009, UK 09/10/2009, NL 07/01/2010, GR 04/02/2010, HU 25/02/2010, SI 12/05/2010, PT 16/12/2010
screenplay: Peter Strickland
cast: Hilda Péter, Norbert Tankó, László Mátray, Roberto Giacomello, Tibor Pálffy, Melinda Kántor, Sebastian Marina
cinematography by: Márk Gyõri
film editing: Mátyás Fekete
music: Steven Stapleton, Geoff Cox
producer: Tudor Giurgiu, Oana Giurgiu, Peter Strickland
production: Libra Film, Ross Sanders Production International
distributor: Memento Distribution, Independent Films, Magyarhangya

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