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by Mauro Curreri


The two Italian helicopters of the ECMM (European Community Monitor Mission) are intercepted while flying on a mission and the AB 205 is shot down in the sky over Varazdin at 14:07 on January 7, 1992. The pilot of Mig 21 who fired the shot was sentenced to life imprisonment. He is currently held in “Regina Coeli” prison in Rome. Every year the village of Podrute gathers on the anniversary of the incident to remember those who gave their lives for peace.

original title: Gli eroi di Podrute
country: Italy
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Mauro Curreri
cast: Roberto Visconti, Ramona Badescu, Silvia De Santis, Rinaldo Rocco, Enzo Saturni, Sandro Giordano, Carmelo Galati, Barbara Sirotti
cinematography by: Mauro Curreri
film editing: Mauro Curreri
producer: Mauro Curreri
production: Television Spot Company
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