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by Roberto Sironi


Ciak, Aristo, Jean-Gin and Zac, four italian actors meet in a bar of the Milanese periphery , surrealisticly involved in a film. Here, they receive a mysterious phone call from France in which a certain Ginette says to them having arranged an appointment with the mythical Volodia! Then, the four decide to take their chances and leave for the Savoy determined to meet the mysterious “Lord of the Show”. Beyond a real, metaphorical or surreal border, as an actor or as a character, they will chase the most extraordinary illusions: to achieve own dream meeting a mysterious figure who could change their life!

original title: Film di notte
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Roberto Sironi
film run: 77'
screenplay: Roberto Sironi
cast: Evelina Primo, Tony Rucco, Daniele Lucca, Gianni Lamanna, Roberto Sironi
cinematography by: Roberto Sironi, Nello Cioffi, Andrea Cuscuna
film editing: Elizabeth Boudjema
costumes designer: Marie Paul Chopard
music: Roberto Sironi
producer: Elizabeth Boudjema
production: Fidia Films S.r.l.
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