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by Paola Columba


Giovanni goes out of prison. He served a 8 years sentence for swindle. He’s ready to begin a new life, but he’s broke. So he goes back home, in the farm where his siblings live: Peppe, Andrea and Luana. He wants to sell his quarter of property. But Peppe tells he has no property registered in his name. With his bankruptcy he put the family’s property in danger so that, before dying, their father has registered the property to his siblings. Giovanni is sure Peppe wants to take everything for himself. He’s even more convinced of that when he discovers Peppe is asking for financements to the European Community to enlarge their farm. For this purpose, Peppe looks for the help of an old friend: the town’s notary, But to apply the request, he needs Andrea’s signature. Andrea, doesn’t sign. He’s on Giovanni’s side. He’s always been very close to him.

original title: Legami di sangue
working title: Fratelli
country: Italy
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Paola Columba
film run: 92'
release date: IT 26/03/2009
screenplay: Fabio Segatori, Paola Columba
cast: Andrea Dugoni, Giovanni Capalbo, Pino Rugiano, Cristina Cellini, Arnoldo Foà
cinematography by: Gianni Mastrovito
film editing: Ugo De Rossi
music: Frank Ilfman
producer: Fabio Segatori, Gian Luca Rizzo
production: Baby Films
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