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by Daniele Cascella


Alberto Ravelli loves his job, which is to produce films. But not quality films. Films that do big at the box office, that people line up to see, even coming to blows over the remaining tickets … But he is not a successful producer. His countless attempts to make it in the jungle of the Italian film industry have all failed. And now Ravelli is presented with one last opportunity: a sure thing. It is a film for young people. The story talks about their loves and their problems. It is a modern version of “Romeo and Juliet”. To get it made, the produce hires a young director who is also desperate for work, plus an executive producer used to coping with very tight budgets and two actors who would pay to work together…

original title: La canarina assassinata
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Daniele Cascella
film run: 100'
release date: IT 26/09/2008
screenplay: Alessandro Ninchi
cast: Ignazio Oliva, Bruno Armando, Michele De Virgilio, Chiara Conti, Emilio Bonucci, Caterina Vertova, Remo Remotti
cinematography by: Luca Coassin
film editing: Lilli Lombardi
art director: Cristina Del Zotto
costumes designer: Elisabetta Giacchi
music: Bungaro e Aidan Zammit Lupi
producer: Francesco Paolo Montini
production: Movie Factory
distributor: Movie Factory
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