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by Vito Vinci


Fabrizio, a young man with a temporary job and Chiara, a girl from a middle class family background who works as a sales girl in a clothes shop, meet by chance a night.A passionate love affair starts between them that will dangerously affect their lives.Fabrizio is married to Ada whom he loves tenderly. She often falls into psychosomatic crises, dark moods. She is pregnant and doesn’t want her child. Each one of them in a different way will become more and more alienated from their daily routines. Their spite and hopelessness toward today’s empty values grows.And suddenly impulses that are usually hidden, suffocated in us begin to rise.

international title: Things Hidden In You
original title: Le cose in te nascoste
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Vito Vinci
film run: 80'
release date: IT 26/11/2008
screenplay: D. Davide Pappalardo
cast: Lea Mornar, Luigi Iacuzio, Elena Bouryka, Giovanni Izzo, Francesca De Sapio, Franco Travisi, Alessandro Vantini, Sonia Viviani, Andrea Pianamente, Antonio Pofi
cinematography by: Alessio Gelsini Torresi
film editing: Ilaria Fraioli, Francesca Bracci
art director: Marta Zani
costumes designer: Caterina Nardi, Claudia Vaccaro
production: N.C. Produzioni
distributor: A.B. Film Distributors
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