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by Stefano Amadio


Abruzzo, Italy, around 1270 a.C. A countess leaves to her daughter Iacovella, a mysterious object of big value. It’s cause of their misfortune. Pietro, an hermit monk, will deliver the object to the Pope. Placido, one elderly Templar monk, is coming back from Holy Land; he is searching for Pietro, to show him some relics. Iacovella, before giving the object to the monk, she couldn’t stand to watch it, remaining influenced by it. The girl persuades her brothers, to recover the object. They reach Pietro and take the objet from him, leaving the monk tied into a deep cleft. Inside there Pietro finds another hermit, Romualdo, who’s been living in the cleft for two years.

original title: Mala tempora
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefano Amadio
film run: 81'
release date: IT 28/11/2008
screenplay: Stefano Amadio, Simona Volpi
cast: Severino Saltarelli, Alberto Cracco, Maddalena Maggi, Daniele Ferretti, Loredana Solfizi, Ugo Margio, Pino De Matti, Roberto Ruspoli, Gildo Di Marco, Natale Russo
cinematography by: Massimo Franchi
film editing: Carlo Vittucci
art director: Simona Volpi
costumes designer: Stefania Caso
music: Francesco Verdinelli
producer: Francesco Paolo Montini
production: Movie Factory
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