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by Sabrina Guigli, Riccardo Stefani


In 1943 Adriano after having escaped death in Genoa during bombing raids, returns to his originals birthplace, a village nestled among the appennine mountains. The long journey ends in the reunion with his family end friends left behind many years ago. The cruel war here has yet to arrive but beetween 18th and 20th march 1944 Hermann Goering divides the community and the tranquillity of these people from Cervarolo end Monchio is soon to be violently crushed as they become involved in the bloody civil war that will involve all of Italy. The war has arrived in the valley and leaves a scar never to be forgotten.

original title: Sopra le nuvole
country: Italy
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Sabrina Guigli, Riccardo Stefani
screenplay: Sabrina Guigli, Riccardo Stefani
cast: Maximiliano Czertok, Omar Stefani, Battista Ghitalla, Andrea Spagnoletti, Roberto Secchi, Sabrina Guigli, Marco Gigli, Candido Fontanini, Remo Secchi, Clorinda Rondini
cinematography by: Gigi Martinucci
film editing: Valentina Girono
art director: Paola Zamagni
costumes designer: Paola Camozzi
music: Marco Piacentini
producer: Sergio Pelone, Luisa Maselli
production: Fra le nuvole soc. coop., The Bottom Line
distributor: The Bottom Line
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