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by Fabio Del Greco


Rome: Andrea Casadei is a young detective specialised in listening devices. His friend Gigi, a frustrated street artist obsessed by his wish to become famous at all costs, shares his passion for microphones and eavesdropping. Shaken by the mysterious disappearance of Ciccio Simpatia, another street artist and a mutual friend, Andrea decides to give up his private clientele and start a new life, reflecting on his own existence and that of others. He goes with Gigi to a screen test for the film “Vampires in the City”, where his friend is hoping to work as the sound technician. There Andrea meets Marina, an actress. Thanks to a microscopic listening device, he gradually enters her life, discovering the most unthinkable things …

original title: Una vita migliore
country: Italy
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Fabio Del Greco
release date: IT 30/11/2007
screenplay: Fabio Del Greco
cast: Fabio Del Greco, Chiara Pavoni, Gennaro Mottola, Gabriele Guerra, Sveva Tedeschi, Max Cutrera, Aldo Cerasuolo
cinematography by: Giorgio Bianchi Cagliesi
film editing: Fabio Del Greco
art director: Pierluigi Marfè
costumes designer: Angela Belmonte
music: Stefano Agnini
production: Monitore Film e Audiovisivi, Cinema Nuovi Orizzonti
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