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by Lalo García


To browse by the sea, to have another life. It's Abel's dream. Luis, a friend of his youth, abhors his home and working environments. The fate offered them very different lives. The same fate unites them after several years, and gives them the opportunity to radically change their situation. Seizingthe chace or not is  in their hands, but involves dangers that neither of them is able to predict.

international title: 7'5 steps
original title: 7 pasos y medio
country: Spain
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Lalo García
film run: 100'
screenplay: Elisabeth Verdú, Marc Monje
cast: Ingrid Rubio, Ernesto Alterio, Sancho Gracia, Mabel Rivera, Christian Rodrigo, Tamara Arias, Pere Arquillué
cinematography by: Raimon Lorda
film editing: Manel G. Frasquiel
art director: Maite Sánchez
costumes designer: Patricia Monné
producer: Pedro Doménech, Jaume Doménech
production: Iris Star
distributor: Coach 14
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