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by Tristan Loraine


Britain in 2009. The corrupt British Prime Minister John Hammond has secured an 80 billion arms deal with Afghanistan, a deal that will boost his image to the British public, ensuring his re-election. However when the Sheik of Afghanistan’s nephew is killed by a group of allegedly British soldiers, it becomes clear that fingers must be pointed. In order to hold the favour of the Sheik, and ensure that the arms deal remains safe, Hammond gives up the position of an SAS unit in Afghanistan despite the innocence of the unit, and reluctance of his PA, career driven Sarah Webber. All soldiers in the unit are assumed dead, until two months later, when a female Captain is discovered by Italian forces. The Captain is Jill Mandelson, who has survived the attack, instead being captured and tortured for information. On her rescue and release, she returns to the UK determined to investigate matters.

original title: 31 North 62 East
country: United Kingdom
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Tristan Loraine
film run: 100'
release date: UK 18/09/2009
screenplay: Leofwine Loraine, Tristan Loraine
cast: John Rhys-Davies, Heather Peace, Marina Sirtis, Craig Fairbrass, Nathalia Ramos, George Calil, Ian Lavender, Mimi Ferrer, Elaine Tan, Ian Aspinall, Andrew Bicknell
cinematography by: Sue Gibson
film editing: Tristan Loraine
music: Paul Garbutt, David Leo Kemp
producer: Tristan Loraine
production: Fact Not Fiction Films
distributor: DFT Enterprises Ltd.
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