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by Pål Øie


A small boy races through the woods. Blinded by fear he crosses a desert road without noticing the truck that speeds along it. A series of events are thus set in motion, events that will deprive another little boy of his entire family. As the boys’ eyes meet in the woods, their destinies part. KK returns to his hometown – a small, remote place with an enormous wild waterfall, surrounded by a dense, dark forest – the place he ran away from years ago. Now the hated mother he ran from is dead, and has left him a house deep in the forest. With his heritage comes the burden of dark secrets, and his return to the sordid place of his past brings to life all the evils he has spent years surpressing.

international title: Hidden
original title: Skjult
country: Norway
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Pål Øie
film run: 96'
release date: NO 03/04/2009
screenplay: Pål Øie
cast: Kristoffer Joner, Anders Danielsen Lie, Karin Park, Bjarte Hjelmeland, Arthur Berning, Cecilie Mosli
cinematography by: Sjur Aarthun
film editing: Lars Apneseth
art director: Guri Giæver
producer: Jan Aksel Angeltvedt
production: Alligator Film
backing: Film Fund FUZZ, Norsk Filminstitutt
distributor: Sandrew Metronome
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