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by Ivo Trajkov


A nameless director has hit rock bottom: His production firm has gone bankrupt. All he has left, apart from his artistic plans, are debts. His private life has fallen apart, he can’t establish a more permanent relationship with anyone. Nevertheless he can’t resist the temptation. He buys an amateur camera and aimlessly crosses the countryside in his mistress’ car, meeting up with both a silent hitchhiker and with a female hitchhiker (or hitchhikers that look alike), who tell of their experiences with loves, without hiding their sexual desire. And he has to continually decide whether to share the ride with the peculiar, though charismatic young man, or with the outwardly unavailable girl.

international title: Movie
original title: Movie
country: Czech Republic, North Macedonia
sales agent: Taskovski Films
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Ivo Trajkov
film run: 84'
release date: CZ 29/09/2007
screenplay: Ivo Trajkov
cast: Ivo Trajkov, Karel Zima, Madla Zimová
cinematography by: Michael Černý
film editing: Ivo Trajkov
producer: Vladimír Chrenovský, Robert Jazadžiski, Jordi Niubo, Ivo Trajkov
production: The World Circle Foundation, IO- in/out, Kaval Films
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