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by Dirk Hoyer


The famous popstar TP drives on a Saturday afternoon from Tallinn to Narva to go to the funeral of his mother. His car breaks down next to Kohtla-Järve and he finds out that he has to stay in the town for at least 24 hours. His record company sends Andres Kivi, one of their office workers, to Kohtla-Järve in order to help TP. When Kivi arrives TP has already disappeared. What he doesn’t know is that TP got heavily drunk and is on a long tour through the small town. Kivi tries to find him and both discover during this night the obscure sites of Estonian province life full of alcohol, drugs and disorientation. For Kivi this trip will take a dramatical turn.

international title: Detour
original title: Võõras
country: Estonia
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Dirk Hoyer
film run: 62'
release date: EE 25/04/2007
screenplay: Dirk Hoyer
cast: Tanel Padar, Karol Kuntsel, Maarja Mitt, Mari-Liis Lill
cinematography by: Maksim Golomidov, Johannes Arro
film editing: Tarmo Rajaleid
art director: Eva-Maria Gramakovski
producer: Eero Talvistu
production: Lugukala Oü, Baltic Film and Media School

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