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Pablo Llorca

Born in Madrid in 1963, Pablo Llorca graduated in Art History. As a writer he usually focuses on film-relating themes, but also on architecture and plastic arts. Programmer and film maker, Pablo Llorca started his career as director during the 80’s, when he founded the first of his production companies, La Bañera Roja (which would be Camara Oscura later, and then and now La Cicatriz). He filmed (and produced, wrote and edited) his first shorts and feature films through it. His three first films, Venice (1989), Jardines colgantes (1993) and Todas hieren (1998), where small miracles that shook Spanish film lovers, unaccustomed to see around a filmmaker so shorn of and at the same time so imbibed of the history of the media through which he expressed himself. Later on came films like La espalda de Dios (2001), La cicatriz (2005) or Uno de los dos no puede estar equivocado (2007), which mean a breath of fresh air stated from his renewed status as Director of the best B-Movies.
(Source: Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla)

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