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Donato Rotunno

Donato Rotunno

Donato Rotunno is born in Luxembourg. In 1992, he is gratuated from IAD in Belgium. As a producer, Donato Rotunno co-founded the production company Tarantula Luxembourg in 1995, through which, to date, he has supervised more than 24 feature films. The career of film director Donato Rotunno started with the short film Fishtrip (1996) and continued with documentaries on themes specific to Luxembourg, including immigration Terra Mia Terra Nostra and Les Mesures du rectangle ; cultural mixing with Blà Blä Blá, the role of politics in society with André et les voix dissidentes, and the relationship between contemporary art and film through Making of a picture and Landscape with a corpse (inspired by the work of Japanese photographer Kaoru Izima) ; or more recently, with a docu-fiction co-directed with the french artist Sylvie Blocher : Dreams have a language. His first feature-length fiction film, In a Dark Place, won the award for best artistic contribution at the Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis in 2007. His second film, Baby(a)lone, an adaptation of the novel Amok by Luxembourgish writer Tullio Forgiarini, was selected in many international film festival and represented Luxembourg at the 88th Academy Awards for « Best foreign language film award ». Now, he's working on his next feature film "Io sto bene" extending the themes dealt with "Terra Mia Terra Nostra", with Renato Carpentieri et Sara Serraiocco.

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