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Manoel de Oliveira

Living memory of Portuguese cinema, Manoel de Oliveira is 104 years old, and presented at Venice his Gebo et l’ombre and is already preparing A Igreja do Diabo. Even though he attributes his late films to a superstition according to which if he stops filming, Death would remember him, each new film by Oliveira represents just what film magazines are obsessed to search elsewhere: young, radical, contemporary cinema. Self-taught, always lucid and already a wise man, it is impossible to write a brief biographical sketch of such an Artist, so we shall content ourselves here with providing the titles of some of his masterpieces: Douro, Faina Fluvial (1931), O Acto da Primavera (1961), O Passado e o Presente (1971), Amor de Perdição (1978), Francisca (1981), Non o a Vã Glória de Mandar (1990), El Valle Abraham (1993), Palabra y Utopía (2000), Espelho Mágico (2005). (Source: Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla) (Source: Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla)

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Selected filmography

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