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Massimo Saidel, Francesca Palleschi, Markus Duffner • Coordinators of The Business Street

"This year special attention to the industry in Argentina and Brazil"


- 17 to 21 October sees the return of the Rome International Film Market, the Rome Film Festival’s forum for industry professionals.

Massimo Saidel, Francesca Palleschi, Markus Duffner  • Coordinators of The Business Street

17 to 21 October sees the return of the Rome International Film Market, the Rome Film Festival’s forum for industry professionals. Cineuropa has interviewed Massimo Saidel, Francesca Palleschi and Markus Duffner, coordinators of The Business Street.

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Cineuropa: A record surge in participants. How many members are there at present and to what do we owe the increased interest in TBS?
Coordinators: At the moment we’ve an increase of 25% in international participants, confirming the broader interest of professionals in participating in The Business Street, which this year will take place during the post-MipCom period, thereby benefitting many non-Europeans, that are participating in the Cannes market. 

Has the geographical and sectorial distribution (buyers, w.s. agents, TV etc.) changed over the years?
Over the years we’ve established a considerable turnout of buyers from Latin America and Asia, as well as from more active European countries. In the last two years we’ve seen an increase in participation from Oceania and from countries in Eastern Europe (particularly buyers), and also from China via the China Day event and, this year in particular, a considerable increase in operators (Producers and Sellers) from Argentina and Brazil thanks to the Focus on these two countries.

In the historic setting, Hotel Bernini, you’re offering the videolibrary on demand, with a new project that’s been active since 2013: Remake it. What is this?
Introduced for the first time in 2013, the Remake it! project has been welcomed by operators involved. In the context of the Rome Market, an antenna that has always been sensitive to international distribution, cooperation and the exchange of films, projects and stories, it seemed only natural to draw attention to an ever-increasing section of the market: the sale of remake rights, stories with a strong market appeal, already successfully established in their country of origin, but capable of communicating with the world audience. In 2014, a brief presentation will be organized in which keynote speakers will be called upon to share their know-how on negotiating remake rights from both a legal and market perspective. Representatives of production companies that are particularly active in remakes, moreover, will present commercial data and trends in the target market (18 October, 10am - Casa del Cinema – Kodak room).

The films selected for the 2014 Remake it! edition will be included in a specific section of the videolibrary, in the app for market participants and, at the same time, they will be discussed at meetings following the conference. 

A huge focus on expanding industries and markets, like Argentina and Brazil, on the one hand, and China on the other, with targeted initiatives
In an ever more global economy, the market is also responding to the demands of producers and distributors to broaden their knowledge of the latest economic models and to seek out new opportunities for international cooperation. In this respect, The Business Street will focus particular attention on the film industry in Argentina and Brazil, countries represented in an Industry Focus that will bring to Rome an expert delegation of authors, producers, distributors and institutional representatives from the two countries, professionals who will present their latest productions at the Cinema Market screenings in Rome.

The Argentina – Brazil Focus is presented by The Business Street, with the support of ANCINE (Agência Nacional do Cinema – Brazil), APEX (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and Cinema do Brasil for Brazil, with INCAA (Argentine National Film Board) for Argentina and in collaboration with MiBACT and lCE- Agenzia.

Argentinian and Brazilian projects displayed at The Business Street include: Aire libre (by Anahí Berneri), Betibú (by Miguel Cohan), Corazón de león (by Marcos Carnevale), The Ardor [+see also:
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(by Pablo Fendrik, participated in New Cinema Network in 2009), El inventor de juegos (by Juan Pablo Buscarini), El misterio de la felicidad (by Daniel Burman), El patrón, radiografía de un crimen (by Sebastián Schindel), Necrofobia 3D (by Daniel de la Vega), Trago Comigo (by Tata Amaral), It’s Very Nice Pra Xuxu (by Paulo Duarte) and A Estrada 47 (by Vicente Ferraz).

New Cinema Network presents, among others, upcoming Argentinian director Hernan Guerschuny’s project, Recreo, while well-known Brazilian filmmaker Bruno Barreto recounts, with his Duetto, the story of an imaginary encounter betwen a young Brazilian girl and Luigi Tenco during the Sanremo Festival in 1967, a few hours before the singer’s death.

In addition, the Rome Film Festival, will dedicate part of its program to the two South American countries by including, among others, films from Argentina and Brazil: Lulu by Luis Ortega – “Cinema Today”; Mauro by Hernán Rosselli - Cinema d’Oggi; Obra by Gregorio Graziosi – “Cinema Today”; Trash [+see also:
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by Stephen Daldry - Gala; Quando eu era vivo by Marco Dutra - Mondo Genere; Ato, atalho e vento by Marcelo Masagão - Wired Next Cinema; Jà visto, jamais visto by Andrea; Tonacci - Wired Next Cinema; Ragazzi by Raul Perrone - Wired Next Cinema; Jia Zhangke, un gars de Fenyang by Walter Salles - Evento Speciale. 

Following the success of 2013, dialogue with China continues
China Day atto secondo, one of the activities of the “China Project” carried out by ANICA for MiBACT and MiSE, within the “The ANICA Internationalization Project- Agency” in collaboration with The Business Street and with an important contribution from QIYI, the principal video-on-demand portal in China, brings to Rome an expert delegation of Chinese producers, content providers and investitors. China Day will be celebrated by a day of reconciliation with events and discussions on 18 co-production projects between Italy and China. Thanks to a careful selection of participants and through a programme of pre-organized B2B meetings, Italian producers will have real networking opportunities with Chinese producers and investors. On the second day of the initiative, the Casa del Cinema will host a round table that will focus on an exploration of Planet China designed from the perspective of content production, distribution models and investment opportunities: ITALY & CHINA: THEATRES, TV, PLATFORM Is coproduction the key word? – Sunday 19 from 15h to 18h, Casa del Cinema – Kodak room.

Another innovation is the partnership with Ass.For.SEO for the first edition of the Italian Film Boutique
The first edition of the Italian Film Boutique by Movie UP – Roma/Lazio Cinema Days for International Buyers, is an initiative that’s financed by the Lazio Region – Training, University School and Research Departments– POR FSE 2007-2013, in collaboration with the Roma Lazio Film Commission. Forever a strategic platform for launching new films commercially and for distributing Italian cinema abroad, The Business Street is the ideal location in which to host screenings of the latest Italian cinema, exclusively open to international buyers. 

Finally, what’s new to New Cinema Network?
This year, New Cinema Network is presenting one of its richest and most interesting editions. The number of projects to be presented has increased to 27, and there has also been a surge in the number of international producers that will come to Rome.

The range of awards has also been enriched: aside from the traditional Eurimages Co-production Development Award, new awards include; the Cubix International Award, (5,000 euro to the best Euroepan producer), and the UNICEF Italy Special Mention to the Italian project that best represents Unicef values.

One of the biggest innovations this year is Le Grandi Bellezze (The Great Beauties): a special showcase dedicated to motion picture projects that promote Italy as a top partner, both creatively and financially.

The Great Beauties includes eight projects from Brazil, China, Egypt, Italy, Luxembourg and the United States. Worth noting among these are Monster Love (United States), the new project by Joe Dante who, with his usual dose of humour, cinephilia and love for horror, invents a love story between a vampire and a werewolf in an underground Rome populated by strange creatures.

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(Translated from Italian)

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