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Jasmina Sijerčić • Producer

"I’m involved in the creative process from the beginning till the end"


- Bocalupo Films' Jasmina Sijerčić, Emerging Producer 2017 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, discusses her work

Jasmina Sijerčić • Producer

Bocalupo Films' Jasmina Sijerčić, Emerging Producer 2017 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, discusses her work.

What qualities should a documentary producer have these days?
Jasmina Sijerčić:
Passion, intuition, eagerness, patience and a sense of humour.

To what extent do you, as a producer, get involved in the creative process?
As a producer, I try to be the director’s dialogue partner from the scriptwriting stage until the end of the filmmaking process.

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I usually work with directors who are also the authors of their films. From the very beginning, we discuss the scenario, both the story and the point of view. We also discuss the choice of a creative team and after the shooting, the editing versions all the way up till the very end of the post-production stage, followed by the visual presentation once the film gets out into the world. So if all of this is regarded as a single creative process, I guess I’m involved from the beginning till the end.

What projects do you have under way?
We’re co-producing the next Giovanni Donfrancesco (The Stone River, 2013), a feature-length documentary called European Letters (which will be part of the Eurodoc Workshop 2017), and we are in development with the first feature by Daphné Heretakis, A Film Without a Title (her short The Seaweed in Your Hair was screened at Rotterdam 2017) and a creative documentary by Sara Rastegar and Simone Pozzi, The Island. We have just finalised a DVD and Blu-ray edition of the 2015 Jihlava winner Dead Slow Ahead [+see also:
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interview: Mauro Herce
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by Mauro Herce, which will be released in France in March by Potemkine Distribution.


Emerging Producers is a promotional and educational project, which brings together talented European documentary film producers. The programme is organised and curated by the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.

The deadline for applications to the Emerging Producers 2018 edition is 31 March 2017. Click here.

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