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Táňa Pauhofová • Actress

Shooting Stars 2007 - Slovakia


Táňa Pauhofová • Actress

At 24 Táňa Pauhofová is considered as one of Slovakia’s most versatile actresses, dividing her talent between theatre, film and TV. She stars in Juraj Nvota’s latest Slovak-German co-production Muzika. She has made a name for herself with a role in a 2005 Czech film – A Little Piece of Heaven (Kousek nebe) by Petr Nikolaev.

Táňa Pauhofová: You already have six feature films and three television series under your belt. How’s the experience so far?
Any experience is a good experience. I’ve met interesting people, survived and tried stuff. I am lucky that along film and television projects I can also work at the theatre, so the possibility of continuously searching and trying things is there. Theatre has helped my thinking ability, my acting next to a partner and lots of other things which I then apply to film acting. I’m still learning, I don’t want to be branded a “stupid actress”.

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Slovakia is a small country that produces very few feature films. How difficult is it for a Slovakian actor to choose their projects or, rather, being chosen for a project?
Unfortunately actors here can call themselves lucky when they can play in an interesting project. There are a lot of young actors, very few projects and everybody wants a role. I am lucky because I sometimes work in Czech projects. All that remains is hope that the situation will get better and Slovak cinema fortunes will be left to younger, more enterprising minds, or there will be more co-production films shot in Slovakia or foreign films will give more work to Slovak actors…

Do you believe in the trend of co-production in European cinema? What do you really expect from an initiative like “Shooting Stars”?
In Slovakia we say “different people, different tastes; different places, different attitudes”… If you mix all these ingredients together you can get a miracle result. “Shooting Stars” gives people a chance to meet and get to know each other. But I don’t really expect anything myself. I only look forward to it. And then we’ll see…

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