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Óscar Jaenada • Actor

Shooting Star 2007 – Spain


- Shooting Star 2007 – Spain

Despite his young age, Óscar Janeada is not exactly a new face. However, after having won a Goya in 2006 for his performance in Camarón, he is becoming one of the most sought after actors by both Spanish and European directors. Cineuropa met up with Janeada in Berlin, where he represented Spain in the Shooting Stars initiative.

Cineuropa : What does it mean to you to have won a Goya last year?
Óscar Jaenada: The Goya gave me a lot of visibility, for which I was not prepared. I worked hard on the character of Camarón, for which I was awarded. He was a flamenco dancer who also sung and I had to practice the Andalusian accent [because] I am Catalan. It was very hard indeed but in the end I managed to feel close to the character. I don't like luxury and spangles. I am a simple guy who started working as an actor almost by chance. I founded a theatre company at the age of 16, just for fun. Deep inside of me I am a painter and I've never studied acting.

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Do you have a method for getting into a character's skin?
No, I don't, even though the directors I’ve worked with have often told me they’ve never met an actor as methodical as I am. In Spain I am called a chameleon-like actor because I can get into the skin of all type of characters: the shy type, the terrorist, the paranoid guy. I guess I’m capable of playing all kind of characters. The only character I wouldn't be able to play is myself, I would not know where to start.

What kind of films do you like to act in?
I like mostly socially engaged films, those carrying a political message. I love independent films, unknown filmmakers. So far, however, I have never refused a role. I have always said yes to directors who offered me a story.

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