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Marko Skop

Producer on the Move 2008 – Slovakia


Marko Skop

What is your background and how did you become a producer? Marko Skop: I graduated in directing at the Film Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia and my partner in Artileria (our production company) Jan Melis is a cinematographer. We started working together during school and realised that the two of us alone could manage many things filmmaking involves. We decided to put together a small company and we produced our full-length debut for cinemas, Other Worlds. It became the first documentary film in the history of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival to recieve the Audience Award.

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We are auteurs first and foremost and that´s how other filmmakers have percieved us. That´s also why when we were producing our second theatrical film, Blind Loves, we involved it´s director Juraj Lehotský also as a co-producer. That´s how we work.

What is your company’s production philosophy?
Friendship and talent.

How do you choose projects? What qualities must a project have to catch your attention?
It is about talent most of all. For instance, the powerful director of Blind Loves, Juraj Lehotsky, is certainly gifted. The story, plot and characters are extremely important in any film but they need to be directed by a gifted auteur. We choose to work with young people who also have certain potential for future projects.

Do you have international perspectives involving co-producing with other European countries?
Of course, we are open to any co-operation with filmmakers of the same sort or with same interestes. For example, we worked with Czech producer Filip Remunda, who made Czech Dream, a film about a fake hypermarket. We are currently co-producing a documentary about a meeting of the highest current European leaders with local politicians from the very last village somewhere on the border of the European Union. It will be a satirical document-toury.

With which countries do you co-produce the most?
We´ve been co-operating mostly with the Czech Republic so far. The Czech and Slovak Republics are divided by frontiers, which fortunately, however, don´t exist in filmmakers‘ minds.

How do you feel about being selected as a Producer on the Move 2008?
Our production company is going to have new pals. Maybe we will only have seafood dinners, maybe we´ll dip our feet in the sea, and maybe we´ll end up making a film together...

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