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Cyron Melville

Shooting Star 2009 - Denmark


The son of actor Johnny Melville, Cyron Melville (24) has been working for television and film since the age of 10. His first leading role was in the multiple award-winning The Beat Within (1996). He has since appeared in half a dozen feature films, including Natasha Arthy's Fighter [+see also:
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, for which he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor.

In Denmark, Melville has become a household name after playing Oliver in the Emmy nominated television series The Killing. His new film Daniel, produced by Zentropa, in which he plays the title role, will be released in Denmark this summer.

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Cineuropa: Your father being an actor, you “fell” into the acting profession quite young. Did you take it seriously from the beginning or was it a gradual process?
Cyron Melville: Acting and being an actor came gradually. Since I was I child I have watched my father and that definitely encouraged my wanting to pursue acting. My first lead role in The Beast Within helped me define what it actually meant being an actor. Seeing how things work on a set and feeling the amount of professionalism that is necessary made me aware of how important it is to be serious and be fulfilled as an individual, but still [work] together. Those are some of the reasons why I am still fascinated by the profession.

You have already appeared in half a dozen features. Which one in particular was crucial to your career?
I don’t know if there has been any one role that was crucial but there are two very memorable ones. My first feature film, The Beast Within – it was a leading role and it was an exciting part to play, because it was my first and I had no experience at all. The second is my lead role in Daniel [working title], where my acting skills were really challenged. I play a young, promising pianist who falls in love with a girl and becomes extremely jealous and dangerous.

It is a story about a boy who maybe lacks love and therefore doesn’t know how to control his feelings. He is a very sensitive character, and it was interesting getting to know his lonely mind. His interest in classical music gave me a great chance to understand some of his thoughts and professionalism concerning music, as I am a musician myself. It is a very beautiful movie, which I am very proud to be a part of.

Playing Oliver in the immensely successful TV series The Killing was probably also a turning point for you.
Playing Oliver gave me a chance to show that I can also play shadier types. [The Killing] was very popular and of course it is always a thrill to be part of a hit.

In 2008 you worked on Daniel as well as Curse of the Seeress. What can you tell us about Curse and your new projects?
In the movie, two children try to help a young man who has actually lived for hundreds of years, by travelling through Danish history. I play King Valdemar the Great, whom they meet on their journey through time. At the moment, I am also auditioning for some television shows.

How does it feel to be selected for Shooting Stars 2009?
I am very proud to be selected. I am glad that this event exists as it honours the acting profession, which I am happy to be part of. Professionally, I expect four days of hard work, hopefully making some good contacts that maybe one day can lead to one or more roles, even internationally. I’m looking forward to meeting the other Shooting Stars and I’m sure that we will all have a great time together during the festival.

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