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Gabriele Salvatores

"My sun-filled thriller"

Gabriele Salvatores

A fearless boy challenges the adult world. Salvatores sets his latest film in the "southern hemisphere"...  


Gabriele Salvatores  • Director

The Invisible Boy, the Italian route to fantasy

Gabriele Salvatores • Director

Cineuropa interviewed Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores for the release of his latest movie, about a...  


Gabriele Salvatores - director


Gabriele Salvatores - director

Gabriele Salvatores talks about the plot and the characters of his film I'm not scared (Io non ho paura)  

Gabriele Salvatores - director of I'm not scared

Video - Berlin Film Festival 2003

Gabriele Salvatores - director of I'm not scared

The director presents with the cast his film I'm not scared during the Berlin Film Festival  

Robert Salvestrin  • International Sales, Lucky You

"TV channels are now more open to international styles"

Robert Salvestrin • International Sales, Lucky You

A few days away from Sunny Side of the Doc, the head of Lucky You, the international distribution branch...  

18/06/2021 | Sunny Side of the Doc 2021

Laura Samani  • Director of Small Body

“Now the film is not mine any more; it belongs to others, and I am curious to know what the viewer feels while watching it”

Laura Samani • Director of Small Body

CANNES 2021: The Italian director presents her first feature, a drama about a woman whose baby daughter is...  

11/07/2021 | Cannes 2021 | Critics’ Week

Neven Samardžić • Director

“Who do we change for? Ourselves or others?”

Neven Samardžić • Director

Ahead of its screening in Karlovy Vary's Future Frames, Neven Samardžić spoke to us about his short film...  

28/06/2018 | Future Frames 2018

Yasemin Samderely • Director


Yasemin Samderely • Director

Yasemin Samderely talks about Germany’s multicultural society in her film Almanya. Samderely delivers a...  


Osamah Sami  • Scriptwriter and actor

“It is important to share our stories with the world”

Osamah Sami • Scriptwriter and actor

Cineuropa met up with Australian scriptwriter and actor Osamah Sami at the Cairo Film Festival to discuss...  


Samir  • Director

"Our experiences represent the common ground that better allows us to understand each other"

Samir • Director

BERLIN 2015: Samir, the director of the highly topical Iraqi Odyssey, tells us about his film and also...  


Samir • Director & producer

Vilified rebellion

Samir • Director & producer

Encounter with a multi-faceted filmmaker, who is totally dedicated to the advent of a world that is more...  


Michal Samir • Director


Michal Samir • Director

Cineuropa met Michal Samir, the director of Hany, at the Festival of Nuovo Cinema Europa in Genoa  


Samuli Vauramo

Shooting Star 2009 - Finland

Samuli Vauramo


Luo San • Producer, 1905 Pictures

“European films are starting to be considered more and more attractive to Chinese audiences”

Luo San • Producer, 1905 Pictures

Bridging the Dragon met up with Luo San, the Senior Vice President of 1905 Pictures, China Movie Channel’s...  


Daniel  Sánchez Arévalo  • Director

“For me, cinema is a form of therapy”

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo • Director

The 39-year-old Madrid-born director is generating high expectations with Gordos (“Fat People”), following...  


Daniel Sánchez Arévalo  • Director of Seventeen

“Animals make us better people”

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo • Director of Seventeen

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo’s road movie Seventeen is the first Spanish Netflix film to take part in the...  

27/09/2019 | San Sebastián 2019 | Out of Competition

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