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Jessica Krummacher • Director

Steering clear of the mainstream

Jessica Krummacher • Director

The director of Totem is preparing a new feature, Mordogan, which is supported by Eurimages  


Tomáš Krupa  • Director

“My agenda is observing and examining the topic of freedom”

Tomáš Krupa • Director

Young Slovak director-producer Tomáš Krupa sat down with Cineuropa to discuss his latest documentary, The...  

31/10/2018 | Jihlava 2018

Tomáš Krupa • Director of We Have to Survive

“Climate change is the most challenging topic of our times”

Tomáš Krupa • Director of We Have to Survive

The Slovak documentarian is preparing an ambitious project addressing the necessary adaptation and...  

08/04/2021 | East Doc Platform 2021

Tomáš Krupa • Producer, Hailstone

“Emotions are the only thing we have”

Tomáš Krupa • Producer, Hailstone

Interview with Tomáš Krupa, producer for Slovakian company Hailstone and selected for the 2020 Emerging...  

20/02/2020 | Emerging Producers 2020

Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen • Director

"A film is a stubborn child that, sooner or later, slips away from you to live its own life"

Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen • Director

Norwegian director Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen talked to Cineuropa about The Immoral, his second...  


Marcin Krzyształowicz • Director of Mister T.

“Who doesn’t want to be an anarchist?”

Marcin Krzyształowicz • Director of Mister T.

Cineuropa talked to Marcin Krzyształowicz, director of Mister T., already a subject of some controversy in...  


Eliza Kubarska  • Director of The Wall of Shadows

“In the mountains, everything is black and white – only here in the lowlands do we have many shades of grey”

Eliza Kubarska • Director of The Wall of Shadows

We talked to Eliza Kubarska, an experienced alpinist and the director of the Hot Docs title The Wall of...  

11/06/2020 | Hot Docs 2020

Marek Kuboš  • Director

“I do not want to make documentaries without people”

Marek Kuboš • Director

Slovakian documentarian Marek Kuboš speaks to Cineuropa about his retirement from documentary filmmaking,...  

31/10/2018 | Jihlava 2018

Video - Braunschweig Film Festival 2008

Volker Kufahl, Festival Manager

Images and interviews with the protagonists for the opening of the Festival  

Thomas Kufus • Producer

“My ambition is to make important films that will leave a mark”

Thomas Kufus • Producer

German Films interviewed Thomas Kufus, producer for Berlin-based zero one film, to talk about their work...  


Veronika Kührová • Producer

”An honest effort can change the world"

Veronika Kührová • Producer

An interview with Czech producer Veronika Kührová of Analog Vision, one of the participants of Jihlava's...  

16/03/2018 | Emerging Producers 2018

Henrika Kull • Director

"The question of what love is, and how it can work, is what drives me"

Henrika Kull • Director

German filmmaker Henrika Kull talked to us about her first feature film Jibril, world-premiered in...  

25/06/2018 | Cinema Jove 2018

Henrika Kull • Director of Bliss

"I wanted to tell a fictional love story set in a place where love is a commodity"

Henrika Kull • Director of Bliss

BERLINALE 2021: The German filmmaker discusses her new film, in which two sex workers fall in love with...  

09/03/2021 | Berlinale 2021 | Panorama

Niklas Kullström • Producer, Hillstream Pictures

“I have a strong belief in online distribution”

Niklas Kullström • Producer, Hillstream Pictures

The Finnish producer, one of the 2021 Emerging Producers, talks about his work and producing documentaries...  

16/02/2021 | Emerging Producers 2021

Dea Kulumbegashvili  • Director of Beginning

“In Georgia, as a woman, you're trained to accept that you don't really matter”

Dea Kulumbegashvili • Director of Beginning

We spoke to Dea Kulumbegashvili about her debut film, Beginning, which swept the board at San Sebastián,...  

28/09/2020 | San Sebastián 2020 | Competition

Juho Kuosmanen • Director


Juho Kuosmanen • Director

CANNES 2016: We met up with Finnish filmmaker Juho Kuosmanen, winner of the Un Certain Regard Prize for...  


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