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Wojtek Smarzowski • Director


Wojtek Smarzowski • Director

Traffic Department’s director Wojtek Smarzowski is one of the TEN EUROPEAN DIRECTORS TO WATCH at the...  


Martin Šmatlák  • Head, Slovak Audiovisual Fund

“The top priority is the finalisation of the projects supported for production, even with a delay, given the current situation”

Martin Šmatlák • Head, Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Director of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund Martin Šmatlák talks to us about measures being taken in the...  

30/06/2020 | /Slovakia

Esben Smed • Actor


Esben Smed • Actor

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa sat down with Danish actor Esben Smed, selected as one of the Shooting Stars 2017  


Klaudia Smieja

Producers on the Move 2016 – Poland

Klaudia Smieja

Polish producer Klaudia Smieja is currently working on films by Agnieszka Holland, Hafsteinn Gunnar...  


Marc Smit  • Distributor, Cinéart

“If the situation lasts longer, additional measures may be required for the sector”

Marc Smit • Distributor, Cinéart

We spoke to Cinéart co-CEO Marc Smit about the situation of the distribution market in the Benelux and...  

28/05/2020 | /Netherlands

Adam Smith • Director

“It’s full of anarchy and wildness, but also a big heart”

Adam Smith • Director

British director Adam Smith has brought his debut feature, Trespass Against Us, a thrilling crime movie...  


Brussels Film Festival 2010

Martijn Smits • director

Interview with the Dutch director of C'est déjà l'été, which alternates fiction and documentary.  

Martijn Maria Smits • Director

"I want the audience to make their own story"

Martijn Maria Smits • Director

We caught up with Dutchman Martijn Maria Smits, the director of Waldstille, at the Arras Film Festival  


Martijn Maria Smits - director

Rotterdam International Film Festival

Martijn Maria Smits - director

Dutch director Martijn Maria Smits talks about his Rotterdam competition title C'est déjà l'été, which was...  

Roderik Smits  • Film academic

"Sales agents and distributors remain equally – if not more – important to the creation and circulation of films in international markets"

Roderik Smits • Film academic

Cineuropa talked to film academic Roderik Smits about his new book on film distribution, Gatekeeping in...  

23/03/2020 | Europe

Agnieszka Smoczyńska • Director


Agnieszka Smoczyńska • Director

CANNES 2018: Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Smoczyńska talked to us about her second feature, Fugue, selected...  

22/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Critics' Week

Agnieszka Smoczyńska  • Director

On the trail of two mermaids

Agnieszka Smoczyńska • Director

Polish director Agnieszka Smoczyńska talks about her feature debut, The Lure, which is being presented at...  


Olivier Smolders • Director


Olivier Smolders • Director

"A film that would tell a tale through the shards of a broken mirror or, a story that could be viewed...  


Jonas Smulders • Actor


Jonas Smulders • Actor

BERLIN 2018: Dutch actor Jonas Smulders, one of the 2018 Shooting Stars, talks to us about his work experience  

26/02/2018 | Shooting Stars 2018

GoCritic! Interview: Vladimír Smutný   • Recepient of the KVIFF President Award

“Sometimes I wonder whether things have got better or worse”

GoCritic! Interview: Vladimír Smutný • Recepient of the KVIFF President Award

13/07/2019 | GoCritic! | Karlovy Vary 2019

Ligia Soare  • Programmer and organiser, Animest

“Animated films can help children open up”

Ligia Soare • Programmer and organiser, Animest

We chatted to Ligia Soare, who is in charge of the kids’ events and sidebars at Bucharest’s Animest...  

10/10/2019 | Animest 2019

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