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Philippe Martin  • Producer

“I can help artists to realise what they have within themselves”

Philippe Martin • Producer

Cineuropa met up with producer Philippe Martin, head of Les Films Pelléas, a few days ahead of the release...  


Philippe Martin • Producer

"A Difficult Film to Finance"

Philippe Martin • Producer

For Les Films Pelléas, the producer of the last three films of the Larrieu brothers, an expression of loyalty  


Premysl Martinek • Distributor

European Distributors: Up Next! - Czech Republic

Premysl Martinek • Distributor


Emilio Martínez Lázaro • Director

"Accepting an order and making it your own"

Emilio Martínez Lázaro • Director

Following the success of his last film, a hilarious musical comedy, Lázaro started to work on a sequel,...  


Marco Martins • Director

"I wanted to give a face to the crisis"

Marco Martins • Director

VENICE 2016: Portuguese director Marco Martins talks about his experience of directing Saint George, which...  


Marco Martins • Director

Once upon a time in another Lisbon

Marco Martins • Director

Marco Martins, 33 years old, tell us about his first film, to be distributed in France and Portugal in the...  


Maris Martinsons – Director, screenwriter, producer

Video - Interview

Maris Martinsons – Director, screenwriter, producer

Maris Martinsons, a one-man band of Baltic cinema  

Mario Martone • Director

"Emancipation via a group experience in Capri"

Mario Martone • Director

VENICE 2018: Neapolitan director Mario Martone is competing at Venice Film Festival with Capri-Revolution,...  

07/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Competition

Mario Martone  • Director

“To see my Leopardi all you need is a heart and soul”

Mario Martone • Director

VENICE 2014: Italian director Mario Martone is in competition at the Venice Film Festival with Leopardi  


Mario  Martone   • Director

A 19th century between the past and the present

Mario Martone • Director

Cineuropa caught up with Mario Martone at the Venice Film Festival, where his period piece We Believed,...  


Mario Martone • director


Mario Martone • director

Director Mario Martone explains to Cineuropa the genesis of his film We Believed, which aims to retrace...  

Mario Martone  • Director of The Mayor of Rione Sanità

"I transposed De Filippo’s play to today, without rhetorical artifice"

Mario Martone • Director of The Mayor of Rione Sanità

VENICE 2019: Competing for the Golden Lion in Venice, The Mayor of Rione Sanità is a rereading of a great...  

31/08/2019 | Venice 2019 | Competition

Sarah Marx  • Director

“My method of shooting allows for happy accidents to happen”

Sarah Marx • Director

VENICE 2018: We sat down with French director Sarah Marx to discuss her debut feature, Truk, about a young...  

02/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Orizzonti

Marina Marzotto  • President, AGCPI

“More space for independent film, let’s get young people into theatres”

Marina Marzotto • President, AGCPI

The AGPCI will hold the MICI, the International Meeting for Independent Cinema, in Matera from 15-19...  


Umberto Marzotto • Singer and songwritter

Interview - Venice Days 2011

Umberto Marzotto • Singer and songwritter

Umberto Marzotto spent two years in Arizona among native Americans, which gave rise to a documentary named...  

Mike Marzuk  • Director

The franchise man

Mike Marzuk • Director

A portrait of German director Mike Marzuk, best known for the children's film series The Famous Five, of...