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Claudio Giovannesi  • Director

"Juvenile detention centres are good for nothing"

Claudio Giovannesi • Director

CANNES 2016: Claudio Giovannesi’s teen love story Fiore was presented in the Directors’ Fortnight at the...  


Claudio Giovannesi • Director

A Pasolini-inspired Alì, in between feelings and integration

Claudio Giovannesi • Director

Claudio Giovannesi falls into fiction with Alì Blue Eyes, applauded by Rome’s International Film Festival...  


Claudio Giovannesi - Director

Video - Brussels Film Festival 2009

Claudio Giovannesi - Director

Italian director presented La Casa Sulle Nuvole, which won the Special Jury Prize  

Gipi  • Director

"Stories tell me how they want to be told"

Gipi • Director

VENICE 2018: Graphic novel author and director Gianni Alfonso Pacinotti, aka Gipi, is at Venice with his...  

01/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Sconfini

Elise Girard • Director

"I don’t film with a camera on my shoulder running around"

Elise Girard • Director

Unveiled at Berlin, Strange Birds, the second feature film by Elise Girard, is being released today in...  


Hippolyte Girardot - director of Yuki and Nina

Video interview - Cannes 2009

Hippolyte Girardot - director of Yuki and Nina

Hippolyte Girardot presented his film co-directed with Hiroshima-born Nobuhiro Suwa in the Directors'...  

Jacques-Rémy Girerd  • Director

"The subject of my work is this planet, which is not doing so well"

Jacques-Rémy Girerd • Director

The founder of Studio Folimage, Jacques-Rémy Girerd, presented his latest film, Aunt Hilda!, at the Anima...  


Amos Gitai • Director

“The only measure of peace is everyday life”

Amos Gitai • Director

VENICE 2018: Cineuropa talked to Haifa-born Amos Gitai about his comedy A Tramway in Jerusalem, in which...  

10/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

Amos Gitai • Director

The “raison d’être” of culture: creating bridges where there are none

Amos Gitai • Director

Cineuropa marks the 5th Avignon Forum with interviews with several personalities from the cultural and...  


Amos Gitaï • Director

Jews, Never-Ending Story

Amos Gitaï • Director

Amos Gitaï, child of the Jewish Diaspora, refuses to take sides. Interview to the director of Kedma, first...  


Nicola    Giuliano  • Producer

"We produce films we’d like to see as viewers"

Nicola Giuliano • Producer

Nicola Giuliano has been running Indigo Film with Francesca Cima since 1999 while their collaboration with...  


Oana Giurgiu

Producer on the Move 2008 - Romania

Oana Giurgiu


Tudor Giurgiu  • Director

"A narrative structure that was powerful and real"

Tudor Giurgiu • Director

Third-time director Tudor Giurgiu presents Why Me?, a film that points the finger at the systemic...  


Tudor Giurgiu • Director

"Romania is a strange territory"

Tudor Giurgiu • Director

Tudor Giurgiu is back with a comedy: Of Snails and Men. He spoke to Cineuropa about domestic success,...  


Tudor Giurgiu  • Director of Parking

“I wanted to play with a culture clash”

Tudor Giurgiu • Director of Parking

We met up with Transilvania International Film Festival president Tudor Giurgiu, whose new film, Parking,...  

07/06/2019 | Transilvania 2019

Tudor Giurgiu, producer Katalin Varga

Interview - EAVE workshop Luxembourg 2009

Tudor Giurgiu, producer Katalin Varga

Giurgiu talks about the Peter Strickland's debut feature Katalin Varga, which is also the latest project...