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Peter Monsaert  • Director

“Family is the only thing you can’t escape from”

Peter Monsaert • Director

Cineuropa met up with Belgian director Peter Monsaert to discuss his second feature, Flemish Heaven  


Flora Montgomery - actress

Shooting Stars 2003 - Ireland

Flora Montgomery - actress

Ireland is putting its money on the young and talented Flora Montgomery, remembered by the audiences for...  

Adeline Monzier • Europa Distribution

"Without independent distributors, there’ll be no diversity tomorrow"

Adeline Monzier • Europa Distribution


Adeline Monzier  • Founder and organiser, US in Progress

“Most American producers had no idea how to reach the European market”

Adeline Monzier • Founder and organiser, US in Progress

Cineuropa sat down with Adeline Monzier at US in Progress Paris to discuss various aspects of both...  


Daniel Monzón  • Director

"I’m grateful to cinema for life experiences it has granted me"

Daniel Monzón • Director

The award-winning director of Cell 211 is back with El niño, an action movie filmed in the Straits of...  


Daniel Monzón • Director


Daniel Monzón • Director

Interview with Daniel Monzón, director of Cell 211  

Agnieszka Moody • Director, Creative Europe Desk UK

Agnieszka Moody • Director, Creative Europe Desk UK

EDN has talked to Agnieszka Moody about the work of the Creative Europe Desk and the possible consequences...  


Lukas Moodysson

My Desperate Teenagers

Lukas Moodysson

Lukas Moodysson’s Lilja 4-Ever, is in Venice. Ingmar Bergman himself considers his youthful countryman, a...  


Lukas Moodysson - director of Lilja 4-ever

Video - Interview

Lukas Moodysson - director of Lilja 4-ever

Swedish director talks about the atmosphere that involves the main characters of his feature  

Tomm Moore  • Director

“The timeless side of animation”

Tomm Moore • Director

Meeting in Paris with the Irish director of the wonderful animation movie Song of the Sea  


Tomm  Moore  • Director

“Art and culture protect us in difficult times”

Tomm Moore • Director

Interview in Paris with the Irish director of The Secret of Kells, who also initiated production on the...  


Video - Annecy Film Festival 2009

Tomm Moore - director of The Secret of Kells

The director is interviewed during the Annecy Film Festival 2009, where he presented his film winner of...  

Marco Morabito • producer

LUX Prize 2010, European Parliament

Marco Morabito • producer

Marco Morabito talks about collaborating with director Luca Guadagnino on I am love a film about the...  

Hadar Morag  • Director

"It changes the perspective on taking responsibility; this is what I wanted to show"

Hadar Morag • Director

Israeli director Hadar Morag's debut, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me, was screened in Venice's Orizzonti...  


Alberto Morais  • Director

“I don’t believe in the concept of family”

Alberto Morais • Director

Spanish director Alberto Morais is hoping for a Seminci win with his third fiction film, The Mother: an...  


Miguel Morales  • Distributor, Wanda Visión

“I think people will slowly go back to theatres”

Miguel Morales • Distributor, Wanda Visión

We talked to the distributor about the landscape of film distribution in Spain and his company's strategy  

12/01/2021 | /Spain

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