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Jérôme Vidal  • Producer

"There’s a need to succeed"

Jérôme Vidal • Producer

Jérôme Vidal, who heads up Parisian company Noodles Productions, talks about his close ties with Spanish...  


Camille Vidal-Naquet • Director

"An outsider who’s a law unto himself, rejected, neglected and looking for love"

Camille Vidal-Naquet • Director

CANNES 2018 : French filmmaker Camille Vidal-Naquet chatted with us about his first full-length film,...  

10/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Critics’ Week

Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson

Producer on the Move 2008 - Iceland

Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson

Producer on the Move 2008 - Iceland  


Hugo Vieira da Silva • Director

Speaking bodies

Hugo Vieira da Silva • Director


Leonel Vieira

Producer on the Move 2008 - Portugal

Leonel Vieira


Nacho Vigalondo  • Director

“I like the fact that my film is always just about to erupt”

Nacho Vigalondo • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2016: Daring filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo talks about the European screening of his Canadian...  


Nacho Vigalondo  • Director

“Privacy seems like a relative value to us”

Nacho Vigalondo • Director

Nacho Vigalondo’s Open Windows is a co-production involving Spain, France and the United States, shot in...  


Nacho  Vigalondo • Director

“I would rather that my films generate discussion over mere praise”

Nacho Vigalondo • Director

The director of Timecrimes is back with Extraterrestrial, a romantic comedy with a UFO hovering in the...  


Nacho  Vigalondo  • Director

"A constant imaginative effort"

Nacho Vigalondo • Director

Nominated in 2003 for the Best Short Film Oscar, the young Spanish director has chosen the fantasy genre...  


Pihla Viitala - actress

Shooting Stars 2010 - Finland

Pihla Viitala - actress

Finnish Shooting Star 2010 Pihla Viitala has worked with some of Finland's top filmmakers in several...  

Alicia Vikander • Sweden

Shooting Stars 2011

Alicia Vikander • Sweden

Interview with the shooting star Alicia Vikander, who recently had a lead role in Ella Lemhagen's Crown...  


Gunnar Vikene  • Director

"Harold is a modern-day Don Quixote"

Gunnar Vikene • Director

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian director Gunnar Vikene to talk about his latest film, Here is Harold  


Jakub Viktorin  • Director, Visegrad Film Forum

“Visegrad is just the core and a symbol for wider co-operation”

Jakub Viktorin • Director, Visegrad Film Forum

Bringing big names to students in Central Europe, this year’s Visegrad Film Forum was a huge success....  


Pere Vilà  • Director

“I don’t like it when someone decides on the intellect of the viewer”

Pere Vilà • Director

We interviewed Pere Vilà, the director of The Invisible Artery, which is competing in the official section...  


Dragos Vîlcu • Producer

"Raising money from abroad is difficult"

Dragos Vîlcu • Producer

After executive producing Radu Muntean’s debut feature The Fury, Dragos Vîlcu turned to producing on...  


Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė

Producers on the Move 2016 - Lithuania

Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė

Having produced one of Lithaunia's most visible films last year, Master and Tatyana, Lithuanian prouducer...