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Raúl Arévalo  • Director

"Trusting in me was a leap of faith"

Raúl Arévalo • Director

VENICE 2016: Madrilenian actor Raúl Arévalo has made a high-flying directorial debut with The Fury of a...  


Dario Argento - director

Noir in Festival 2003

Dario Argento - director

Interview to the filmmaker Dario Argento, master of the Italian horror  

Sonia Arispe  • Distributor

Peru: Trying to open doors

Sonia Arispe • Distributor


Montxo Armendáriz • Director

“Cinema can help solve social problems”

Montxo Armendáriz • Director

The Navarre-born director, who was nominated for an Oscar in 1997 for Secrets of the Heart, tackles the...  


Ruth Armstrong • Data Science manager, Deloitte


Ruth Armstrong • Data Science manager, Deloitte

CANNES NEXT: Cineuropa talked to Ruth Armstrong, Data Science manager at Deloitte, at Cannes Film Market's...  


Simon Arnal-Szlovak • Producer

Haut et Court, an unswerving partner

Simon Arnal-Szlovak • Producer

Producer and distributor of all the features by Laurent Cantet, the company Haut et Court have not put a...  


Jonas Alexander Arnby  • Director

"Honestly, I do find kitchen-sink realism a little boring"

Jonas Alexander Arnby • Director

The Danish director talks about When Animals Dream, his feature debut discovered in competition during...  


Jonas Alexander Arnby  • Director of Suicide Tourist

“I wanted to make a film about love”

Jonas Alexander Arnby • Director of Suicide Tourist

Cineuropa spoke to Danish director Jonas Alexander Arnby during a walk around Copenhagen to discuss the...  

08/10/2019 | Zurich 2019

Ilmari Arnikil   • Kino Sheryl


Ilmari Arnikil • Kino Sheryl

Cineuropa meets Ilmari Arnkil, CEO at Kino Sheryl, during Training for Art House Exhibitors, organised by...  


Andrea Arnold  • Director

“I was quite upset by some of what I saw”

Andrea Arnold • Director

CANNES 2016: English director Andrea Arnold explains what went into American Honey, a social road movie...  


Andrea Arnold • Director

Almost a cursed project

Andrea Arnold • Director

Brit director Andrea Arnold talks about the reasons that motivated her to adapt Emily Brontë’s Wuthering...  


Andrea  Arnold  • Director

"A passion for the real"

Andrea Arnold • Director

UK director analysed her realist approach at the press conference after the screening of her second...  


Mikko Aromaa  • Director, Night Visions

“It’s not just horror, horror, horror”

Mikko Aromaa • Director, Night Visions

With the spring edition of Helsinki’s Night Visions finally here, Cineuropa talks to festival director...  


Alessandro Aronadio • Director

“I’m happy that I’m part of this historical era in Italian film”

Alessandro Aronadio • Director

VENICE 2016: Cineuropa caught up with Italian director Alessandro Aronadio, who presented his feature Ears...  


Ado Arrietta  • Director

"Real life doesn't appeal to me at all"

Ado Arrietta • Director

World-premiering in the 13th Seville European Film Festival, Spanish director Ado Arrietta’s latest...  


Tommaso Arrighi • Producer

“We wanted to make an Icelandic co-production with a European feel to it”

Tommaso Arrighi • Producer

We spoke to Mood Film producer Tommaso Arrighi about the Italian-Icelandic co-production Two Small...