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Johannes Naber  • Director

"Make every film as if it were your last"

Johannes Naber • Director

German Films chatted to director Johannes Naber, discussing his career and uncovering the secrets of his...  


Johannes Naber • Director of Curveball

“We took the truth over the top and made it surreal; with the facts at hand, it wasn’t hard at all”

Johannes Naber • Director of Curveball

BERLINALE 2020: We chatted to Johannes Naber to get the low-down on Curveball, his adaptation of a true...  

28/02/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Berlinale Special

Selman Nacar • Director of Between Two Dawns

“San Sebastián is the only place that could heal me as a filmmaker”

Selman Nacar • Director of Between Two Dawns

Cineuropa caught up with the Turkish director after the world premiere of his debut film, which last year...  

27/09/2021 | San Sebastián 2021 | New Directors

Selman Nacar  • Director of Hesitation Wound

“I'm interested in characters who are stuck in between emotions because I believe Turkey is in a similar situation”

Selman Nacar • Director of Hesitation Wound

VENICE 2023: The rising Turkish director dissects his taut new feature, which is equally a courtroom...  

04/09/2023 | Venice 2023 | Orizzonti


Samy Naceri • Actor

Samy Naceri talks about his last film, Voyage sans retour  

João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora  • Directors of The Buriti Flower

"We spent years together with this indigenous community in Brazil"

João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora • Directors of The Buriti Flower

CANNES 2023: The directing duo once again follows the indigineous Krahô people in the heart of the...  

24/05/2023 | Cannes 2023 | Un Certain Regard

There's an Elling in all of us

Petter Naess

The Norwegian director talks about his success and European cinema's skill in portraying everyday life....  



Petter Naess - director

Petter Næss made the Norwegian film of the century almost by chance  


Sylvia Nagel • Producer

Cineuropa interviewed German director and producer Sylvia Nagel, one of the participants in the Closing...  


Dénes Nagy  • Director of Natural Light

"The essence of this story is happening everywhere, all the time"

Dénes Nagy • Director of Natural Light

BERLINALE 2021: The emerging Hungarian director has just won the Silver Bear for Best Director for his...  

05/03/2021 | Berlinale 2021 | Competition

Shooting Star 2007 – Hungary

Péter Nagy • Actor


Zoltán Nagy • Director of On the Quiet

"The main core of a good director-actor relationship is trust"

Zoltán Nagy • Director of On the Quiet

Hungarian filmmaker Zoltán Nagy talked to us about his first feature On the Quiet, screening in the First...  

28/11/2019 | Black Nights 2019 | First Feature Competition

Shooting Star 2008 - Hungary

Zsolt Nagy


Brussels Film Festival 2010

Antonio Naharro • director

Antonio Naharro, co-director of Me Too, winner of the top prize at the Brussels Film Festival, explains...  

International Documentary Market

Bruno Nahon • Producer, Zadig Productions, Paris, France

The production of European documentaries: the most relevant funding sources for documentary in France  


Benjamín Naishtat  • ​​Director

"I want film to be an almost physical experience”

Benjamín Naishtat • ​​Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: Argentina's Benjamín Naishtat talks about his third film, Rojo, a co-production...  

25/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition

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