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Johannes Naber  • Director

"Make every film as if it were your last"

Johannes Naber • Director

German Films chatted to director Johannes Naber, discussing his career and uncovering the secrets of his...  


Johannes Naber • Director of Curveball

“We took the truth over the top and made it surreal; with the facts at hand, it wasn’t hard at all”

Johannes Naber • Director of Curveball

BERLINALE 2020: We chatted to Johannes Naber to get the low-down on Curveball, his adaptation of a true...  

28/02/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Berlinale Special

Selman Nacar • Director of Between Two Dawns

“San Sebastián is the only place that could heal me as a filmmaker”

Selman Nacar • Director of Between Two Dawns

Cineuropa caught up with the Turkish director after the world premiere of his debut film, which last year...  

27/09/2021 | San Sebastián 2021 | New Directors


Samy Naceri • Actor

Samy Naceri talks about his last film, Voyage sans retour  

Petter Naess

There's an Elling in all of us

Petter Naess

The Norwegian director talks about his success and European cinema's skill in portraying everyday life....  


Petter Naess - director


Petter Naess - director

Petter Næss made the Norwegian film of the century almost by chance  

Sylvia Nagel • Producer


Sylvia Nagel • Producer

Cineuropa interviewed German director and producer Sylvia Nagel, one of the participants in the Closing...  


Dénes Nagy  • Director of Natural Light

"The essence of this story is happening everywhere, all the time"

Dénes Nagy • Director of Natural Light

BERLINALE 2021: The emerging Hungarian director has just won the Silver Bear for Best Director for his...  

05/03/2021 | Berlinale 2021 | Competition

Péter Nagy • Actor

Shooting Star 2007 – Hungary

Péter Nagy • Actor


Zoltán Nagy • Director of On the Quiet

"The main core of a good director-actor relationship is trust"

Zoltán Nagy • Director of On the Quiet

Hungarian filmmaker Zoltán Nagy talked to us about his first feature On the Quiet, screening in the First...  

28/11/2019 | Black Nights 2019 | First Feature Competition

Zsolt Nagy

Shooting Star 2008 - Hungary

Zsolt Nagy


Brussels Film Festival 2010

Antonio Naharro • director

Antonio Naharro, co-director of Me Too, winner of the top prize at the Brussels Film Festival, explains...  

International Documentary Market

Bruno Nahon • Producer, Zadig Productions, Paris, France

The production of European documentaries: the most relevant funding sources for documentary in France  


Benjamín Naishtat  • ​​Director

"I want film to be an almost physical experience”

Benjamín Naishtat • ​​Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: Argentina's Benjamín Naishtat talks about his third film, Rojo, a co-production...  

25/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition

Babak Najafi • Director

Eager to connect with the audience

Babak Najafi • Director

Babak Najafi • Director Eager to connect with the audience  


Jafar Najafi • Director of Alone

"Children should be living in a joyful, colourful world; they shouldn't be growing up too fast"

Jafar Najafi • Director of Alone

VENICE 2022: The Iranian director talks about his documentary that centres on a child who fights with all...  

03/09/2022 | Venice 2022 | Giornate degli Autori

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