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Julio López  • Producer

"Creative producers are artists in their own right"

Julio López • Producer

We met up with Julio López, Emerging Producer 2017 from guest country Mexico, to discuss his work with the...  


Alicia Lopez Rios  • East Dulwich Picturehouse and Café


Alicia Lopez Rios • East Dulwich Picturehouse and Café

Cineuropa meets Alicia Lopez Rios, assistant manager at East Dulwich Picturehouse and Café, during...  


Sophia Loren

Mother Love

Sophia Loren

Between Strangers, directed by her son, Edoardo, is Sophia Loren's 100th film and she celebrates this...  


Carmen Losmann • Director of Oeconomia

"How is money generated? That's the main question in my film!"

Carmen Losmann • Director of Oeconomia

BERLINALE 2020: We sat down with German director Carmen Losmann, who has presented her documentary...  

29/02/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Forum

Aurélie Losseau • Coordinator, Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival

“If the festival is growing, it also has something to do with the healthy state of Mediterranean production”

Aurélie Losseau • Coordinator, Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival

Cinergie met with Aurélie Losseau, the coordinator of the Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival, to discuss...  

02/12/2019 | Cinémamed 2019

Aurélie Losseau • Programmer, CINEMAMED

The first criteria is the quality of the film

Aurélie Losseau • Programmer, CINEMAMED

Aurélie Losseau, in charge of the coordination of the Mediterranean Film Festival of Bruxelles and of the...  

15/07/2020 | Euro Film Fest

Lars-Gunnar Lotz • Director


Lars-Gunnar Lotz • Director

Crime and redemption are the central themes of Lars-Gunnar Lotz’s first feature, Shifting the Blame....  


Aku Louhimies  • Director

“I am not keen on presenting heroes”

Aku Louhimies • Director

Finnish director Aku Louhimies talks to us about his upcoming film version of Väinö Linna's literary...  


Aku Louhimies • Director


Aku Louhimies • Director

Aku Louhimies presented his latest film 8 Ball at the Brussels Film Festival  

Aku Louhimies • Director

"Civilisation is easily lost"

Aku Louhimies • Director

Aku Louhimies talks about his dark tale of divorce and desperation, an intimate portrait of an essentially...  


Christos Loulis • Actor

Shooting Star 2006 - Greece

Christos Loulis • Actor


Shelly Love  • Director of A Bump Along the Way

“I feel motivated to tell female stories and to give an authentic account of their experience”

Shelly Love • Director of A Bump Along the Way

We interviewed Shelly Love, the director of the Northern Irish comedy A Bump Along the Way, starring...  

12/09/2019 | Toronto 2019 | Discovery

Sergei Loznitsa  • Director

“Absurdity surrounds us; we exist within it”

Sergei Loznitsa • Director

At the recently concluded 8th Odesa International Film Festival, we sat down with Ukrainian director...  


Sergei Loznitsa  • Director of Donbass

“Our society is getting infantilised”

Sergei Loznitsa • Director of Donbass

We met up with prolific Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa, who has presented three films this year:...  

24/07/2018 | Odesa 2018

Laurent Lucas • Actor

An appetite for risk

Laurent Lucas • Actor


Lucas Rosant | • Festival Expert

“The most important thing is to be able to identify the resources within the territory of the festival”

Lucas Rosant | • Festival Expert

Lucas Rosant talks to us about the biggest difficulties in developing a film festival and the importance...  

01/09/2019 | Euro Film Fest/France

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