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Peter Kerekes • Director

“The story is easy to understand yet very powerful and interesting”

Peter Kerekes • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Peter Kerekes, the winner of this year’s Works in Progress Award@KVIFF, discusses his...  


Yvonne Kerékgyártó • Director


Yvonne Kerékgyártó • Director

Cineuropa met with Hungarian director Yvonne Kerékgyártó, whose first feature film, Free Entry (One Day of...  


Amanda Kernell • Director


Amanda Kernell • Director

VENICE 2016: In her feature debut Sámi Blood, in competition in the Venice Days, Swedish director Amanda...  


Amanda Kernell  • Director of Charter

"I see my film as a declaration of love to all divorced parents trying every day to do their best for their children"

Amanda Kernell • Director of Charter

We spoke to Amanda Kernell on the occasion of the world premiere of her second feature, Charter, at the...  

30/01/2020 | Sundance 2020 | World Cinema Dramatic Competition

Gustave     Kervern,  Benoît Delépine   • Directors

“Achieve poetry without needing to say a word”

Gustave Kervern, Benoît Delépine • Directors


Tibor Keser  • Producer

"A contemporary producer must be a know-it-all type of a person"

Tibor Keser • Producer

We met up with Tibor Keser, Emerging Producer 2017 from Croatia, to discuss his work with the production...  


John Keville

Producer on the Move 2014 – Ireland

John Keville

John Keville (SP Films) produced Simon Pummell’s Brand New-U and his next, Pilgrimage, will be underway...  


Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf • Directors of The Translator

“It's like every government has learned this playbook, a way to delegitimise the peaceful protester”

Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf • Directors of The Translator

Filmmakers Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf talk to Cineuropa about their debut feature, The Translator,...  

19/11/2020 | Black Nights 2020 | First Feature Competition

Lasha Khalvashi • Producer

“I try to keep some variety in making films”

Lasha Khalvashi • Producer

Cineuropa met up with producer Lasha Khalvashi, Georgia’s 2017 Producer on the Move, to discuss his work...  


Nadia Khamlichi  • Producer

“Moving into production is a great present for our tenth birthday”

Nadia Khamlichi • Producer

Umedia, the historic Belgian Tax Shelter intermediary, is revving up its international production...  


Aleem Khan • Director of After Love

"I grew up in a mixed-race family and didn't really know where I fitted into society"

Aleem Khan • Director of After Love

Cineuropa met up with Aleem Khan to talk about his debut feature, After Love, awarded the Cannes label...  

27/10/2020 | Rome 2020

Hong Khaou  • Director of Monsoon

“The characters have to live with the unintended consequences of what their parents did”

Hong Khaou • Director of Monsoon

We sat down with Cambodian-born British director Hong Khaou to unpick his second movie, Monsoon, in...  

08/07/2019 | Karlovy Vary 2019 | Competition

José-Luis Peñafuerte, Chergui Kharroubi • Directors

"We had a responsibility as Belgian filmmakers, we needed to make a film"

José-Luis Peñafuerte, Chergui Kharroubi • Directors

Interview with Belgian filmmakers José-Luis Peñafuerte and Chergui Kharroubi, whose documentary Molenbeek,...  


Alireza Khatami  • Director

“Imagination helps us navigate reality”

Alireza Khatami • Director

VENICE 2017: Iranian filmmaker Alireza Khatami is presenting his debut feature Oblivion Verses in...  


Boris Khlebnikov • Director


Boris Khlebnikov • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: We caught up with Russian director Boris Khlebnikov, who is in the Official Competition...  

03/07/2017 | Karlovy Vary 2017 | Competition

Martin Khoolhoven •  Director

"Re-create a sense of social cohesion"

Martin Khoolhoven • Director

Arthouse favourite Martin Koolhoven makes his first crowd-pleasing comedy because his country needs it  


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