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Andrey Yermak  • Producer

“You must express your ideas in a universal language if you want to be heard”

Andrey Yermak • Producer

At the recent Odesa International Film Festival, Cineuropa chatted to producer Andrey Yermak, who staged...  


Adilkhan Yerzhanov • Director


Adilkhan Yerzhanov • Director

CANNES 2018: Kazakh filmmaker Adilkhan Yerzhanov talked to us about his new film, The Gentle Indifference...  

24/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Un Certain Regard

Diao Yinan • Director of The Wild Goose Lake

"I very much want to rely on the visual language, rather than on dialogues"

Diao Yinan • Director of The Wild Goose Lake

CANNES 2019: We met up with Chinese filmmaker Diao Yinan, who is participating for the first time in the...  

21/05/2019 | Cannes 2019 | Competition

So Yong Kim  • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2014

So Yong Kim • Director

VENICE 2014: The director of Korean heritage So Yong Kim has made the seventh short film in the Miu Miu...  


Phillip Youmans • Director of Burning Cane

"My intention was to create a sort of documentary-like style"

Phillip Youmans • Director of Burning Cane

VENICE 2019: We spoke to US director Phillip Youmans, whose astonishing debut film, Burning Cane, had its...  

04/09/2019 | Venice 2019 | Giornate degli Autori

Ben Young • Director


Ben Young • Director

VENICE 2016: Australian director Ben Young is in the Venice Days with his feature debut, psychological...  


Neil Young  • Programmer, EFF Palić

"The idea is to respond to what is going on"

Neil Young • Programmer, EFF Palić

Cineuropa met up with the new EFF Palić programmer, British film critic Neil Young, to ask him about the...  

23/07/2018 | Palić 2018

Simon Stone, Miranda Otto & Odessa Young  • Director, actresses


Simon Stone, Miranda Otto & Odessa Young • Director, actresses

VENICE 2015: The Daughter, the directorial debut by Australia's Simon Stone, selected as the closing film...  


Susan Youssef • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2011

Susan Youssef • Director

Susan Youssef uses the 7th-century Arabic romance “Majnun Layla” as a vehicle to narrate a classic story...  

Sere Yüce • Director

Venice Days 2010

Sere Yüce • Director

Interview with Sere Yüce, director of Majority, which won the Luigi de Laurentis Award for Best Debut Film