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Félix Viscarret  • Director

“The documentary was a tug of war between two pig-headed people”

Félix Viscarret • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2017: From a place of deep admiration, Félix Viscarret sketches a portrait of his filmmaking...  


Ivan Goran Vitez • Director

Strange new "Creatures" in Croatian cinema

Ivan Goran Vitez • Director

Among Croatian directors, Ivan-Goran Vitez can be considered the maverick. His debut feature is a strange...  


Maya Vitkova

Producer on the Move 2014 – Bulgaria

Maya Vitkova

Cineuropa met up with Bulgaria’s Producer on the Move, Maya Vitkova, of Viktoria Films, to discuss her...  


Maya Vitkova  • Director

“The audience can always feel if you are honest”

Maya Vitkova • Director

Since her debut feature, Viktoria, was selected at Sundance and Rotterdam, Maya Vitkova has become the...  


Serena Vittorini  • Director of En ce moment

"In the static nature of the moment, I felt the need to depict the relationship dynamics that were arising between us"

Serena Vittorini • Director of En ce moment

VENICE 2020: Visual artist Serena Vittorini talks about her short film En ce moment, shot during the...  

14/09/2020 | Venice 2020 | Giornate degli Autori

Panayiota Vladi • Actress

Shooting Star 2007 – Greece

Panayiota Vladi • Actress


Jean-Michel Vlaeminckx • Journalist

In favor of Belgian cinema

Jean-Michel Vlaeminckx • Journalist


Clara Voda • Actress

Estoril Film Festival 2010

Clara Voda • Actress

Interview with Romanian actress Clara Voda, who stars in Romanian director Cristi Puiu’s latest film, Aurora  


Eric Vogel

Producer on the Move 2007 – Norway

Eric Vogel


Eskil Vogt  • Director


Eskil Vogt • Director

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian filmmaker Eskil Vogt to talk about his film Blind, which was selected in...  


Eskil Vogt • Director

“I was thinking more and more about this blind woman”

Eskil Vogt • Director

Norwegian director Eskil Vogt talks about his feature debut, Blind, screenwriting Award at Sundance and...  


Mila Voinikova • Producer

“There is quite a lot of pressure to have a package that looks ‘sexy’”

Mila Voinikova • Producer

We interview Bulgaria’s 2017 Producer on the Move, Mila Voinikova, who debuted as lead producer with...  


Christian Volckman • Director

"A technological and artistic revolution "

Christian Volckman • Director

Interview with a young avant-garde director, a visual explorer, a revelation in the world of animation  


Christian Volckman  • Director of The Room

"I could introduce ideas such as mental labyrinths: the puzzle of the human mind"

Christian Volckman • Director of The Room

French director Christian Volckman talks about his transition to fiction via The Room, genre cinema and...  

14/05/2020 | /France/Luxembourg/Belgium

Christian Volkman, director of Renaissance

Interview - Premiers Plans, Angers 2009

Christian Volkman, director of Renaissance

Volckman talks about the emergence of animation film and its place in cinema theatres  

Patrick Vollrath • Director of 7500

“My concern is to discover emotional truths”

Patrick Vollrath • Director of 7500

German Films met up with Patrick Vollrath, who directed the plane hijacking film 7500, to discuss his work...  

10/02/2020 | /Germany/Austria

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