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Marzia dal Fabbro  • MICI market director

"The market is an opportunity for training as well as business"

Marzia dal Fabbro • MICI market director

The vice-president of AGICI, Marzia dal Fabbro, chatted to Cineuropa about the market at the 7th edition...  


Gábor Fabricius • Director of Erasing Frank

“I don't think it's possible to recreate something real by building a set; the right sets have to be found”

Gábor Fabricius • Director of Erasing Frank

VENICE 2021: This black-and-white drama about the abusive method of the Hungarian regime in the 1980s also...  

07/09/2021 | Venice 2021 | International Film Critics’ Week

Roberto Faenza • Director

“The truth about the Orlandi case is here on Earth”

Roberto Faenza • Director

Italian director Roberto Faenza talks to us about his latest film, La verità sta in Cielo, a journalistic...  


Roberto Faenza • Director

Anita B., the importance of memory

Roberto Faenza • Director



Roberto Faenza - director

Roberto Faenza broke a three-year absence from our screens with a new film entitled Take My Soul (2002)  

Detective of the Soul

Roberto Faenza • Director

The Italian director comes back with The Soul's Keeper about Sabine Spielrein, Carl Gustav Jung's patient...  


Claudio Fäh • Director

“We would like the film to be turned into a franchise”

Claudio Fäh • Director

Cineuropa sat down with Swiss director Claudio Fäh, who has presented his ambitious adventure movie...  


Discovering tomorrow’s Almodóvar, Loach and Desplechin

Bertrand Faivre • Producer


Bertrand Faivre  • Producer, Le Bureau/The Bureau

"A formulaic-based economy that I don't want to participate in"

Bertrand Faivre • Producer, Le Bureau/The Bureau

Producer Bertrand Faivre tells us about the risks he took in order to produce Our Wonderful Lives and...  


Christian Falch • Producer

Christian Falch • Producer

EDN has talked to Norway's Christian Falch, producer for UpNorth Film and previously for Gammaglimt,...  


Tea Falco • Director

"I wanted to show people Sicily’s best side”

Tea Falco • Director

Actress Tea Falco makes her directorial debut with This is Not a Cannolo, a docufiction in search of the...  

19/06/2018 | Biografilm 2018

Ludovica Fales • Director of Lala

“Romany youngsters are asking questions about how they’re represented, but this debate is totally ignored by the media”

Ludovica Fales • Director of Lala

The Italian director spoke to us about her documentary blending reality and near-reality, and homing in on...  

24/01/2024 | Trieste 2024

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah  • Directors of Rebel

“Music and dance can really touch you on an emotional level more than any words can”

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah • Directors of Rebel

CANNES 2022: The duo of Belgian directors talk about trying to put the viewer in the shoes of two brothers...  

01/06/2022 | Cannes 2022 | Midnight Screenings

Niccolò Falsetti • Director of Margins

“You need to draw upon the humanity around you in order to make a film like mine”

Niccolò Falsetti • Director of Margins

VENICE 2022: The director chatted to us about the universal nature of the punk rock scene, provincial...  

05/09/2022 | Venice 2022 | International Film Critics’ Week

Mario Fanfani • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2014

Mario Fanfani • Director

VENICE 2014: Mario Fanfani's feature debut, which is set around the time of the "events" in Algeria, tells...  


Juliana Fanjul  • Director of Silence radio

“You have to go deep to find this unique gaze which sets you apart as an auteur”

Juliana Fanjul • Director of Silence radio

At the Zurich Film Festival, Cineuropa had a chat with Juliana Fanjul, director of Silence radio, about...  

04/10/2019 | Zurich 2019

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