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Marie Garel-Weiss • Director

"I wanted talk about what happens when you stop taking drugs and life starts to become possible"

Marie Garel-Weiss • Director

French director and screenwriter Marie Garel-Weiss tells us about her first feature film, The Party's...  

13/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Vincent Garenq • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2011

Vincent Garenq • Director

The most serious miscarriages of justice in France’s history is the focus of Vincent Garenq's new film Guilty  

Stefano Gargiulo • Director

"A tiny fragment of Rossini's life in Naples"

Stefano Gargiulo • Director

VENICE 2018: Italian director Stefano Gargiulo talks about his short film Caro Gioachino…, presented in...  

05/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Giornate degli Autori

Louis Garrel  • Director of A Faithful Man

“Because I’m French, I wanted to make a film about men and women”

Louis Garrel • Director of A Faithful Man

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: We chatted to French filmmaker Louis Garrel about his second feature, A Faithful Man,...  

24/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition

Philippe Garrel • Director

Director defends Godard-inspired That Summer

Philippe Garrel • Director

Philippe Garrel defends his film That Summer, which met with a cold reception from the press at the 68th...  


Philippe Garrel • Director

Liberty, revolution and authenticity

Philippe Garrel • Director


Rebekka Garrido  • Artistic director, connecting cottbus

"In our line-up we have a good balance between new talents and experienced producers"

Rebekka Garrido • Artistic director, connecting cottbus

At connecting cottbus, we sat down with the event's artistic director, Rebekka Garrido, who founded her...  


Rebekka Garrido  • Director, Connecting Cottbus

“Many coco films have gone on to become real success stories”

Rebekka Garrido • Director, Connecting Cottbus

Berlin-based producer Rebekka Garrido sat down with Cineuropa at Cottbus to discuss the 18th edition of...  


Matteo Garrone • Director

“By the end of the production process, there was not much of the true story left in it”

Matteo Garrone • Director

CANNES 2018: We sat down with Italy’s Matteo Garrone to talk about his competition title Dogman, which is...  

19/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Competition

Matteo Garrone  • Director

“The choice to make a fantasy film in Italy today is a masochistic one”

Matteo Garrone • Director

CANNES 2015: Matteo Garrone talked to the press about his new film, Tale of Tales, screened in competition...  


Matteo Garrone • Director

“My dark and cartoon-like fairytale”

Matteo Garrone • Director

Following Gomorra, Matteo Garrone has chosen a small story: that of a man who is chasing the dream of TV...  


Matteo Garrone • Director

"I look for a strong emotional impact with the audience"

Matteo Garrone • Director

There was much applause at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for the harsh and direct style of Gomorrah  


Matteo Garrone  • Director of Pinocchio

"The best way to surprise people was to go back to the original book"

Matteo Garrone • Director of Pinocchio

BERLINALE 2020: We caught up with Matteo Garrone to discover more about his Roberto Benigni-starring...  

02/03/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Berlinale Special

Jan Gassmann  • Director

"We turned up in the various cities with a real traveller's spirit"

Jan Gassmann • Director

BERLIN 2016: Cineuropa met up with young Swiss director Jan Gassmann to talk about his latest film,...  


Tomasz  Gąssowski   • Composer

"See what appears to be nonexistent"

Tomasz Gąssowski • Composer

A loyal partner of Andrzej Jakimowski since 1991 and co-producer of his debut feature, Tomasz Gassowski...  


Florence Gastaud • Delegate general of ARP

In-depth look at film financing issues

Florence Gastaud • Delegate general of ARP


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