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Ilya Stewart  • Producer

“Music is one of Summer’s main characters”

Ilya Stewart • Producer

CANNES 2018: Ilya Stewart, the producer of Kirill Serebrennikov’s competition entry Leto, talks to us...  

12/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Competition

Hannes Stoehr • Director

Global Storyteller

Hannes Stoehr • Director


Hannes Stöhr • director

From the Atlantic to the Urals

Hannes Stöhr • director


Video - Brussels Film Festival 2009

Hannes Stohr - Director of Berlin Calling

German director presented his latest work and had the honour of presiding over the festival’s...  

Karla Stojáková • Producer

Producer on the Move 2006 – Czech Republic

Karla Stojáková • Producer


Milan Stojanović

Producers on the Move 2016 - Serbia

Milan Stojanović

Serbian producer Milan Stojanović broke out internationally with Barbarians, and is now preparing The...  


Milan Stojanović • Producer

“It is important to look for the cracks in the wall”

Milan Stojanović • Producer

An interview with producer Milan Stojanović of Serbia's Sense Production, one of the participants of...  

16/03/2018 | Emerging Producers 2018

Milan Stojanović  • Programme director, Cinema City

“Our primary goal is to promote young auteurs”

Milan Stojanović • Programme director, Cinema City

Producer Milan Stojanović, who is also the programme director of Cinema City, tells Cineuropa about...  


Anita Stojcheska  • Senior associate for film production, Macedonian Film Agency

"A broader co-production with more countries involved is always a better solution"

Anita Stojcheska • Senior associate for film production, Macedonian Film Agency

We spoke to the Macedonian Film Agency’s Anita Stojcheska at Oldenburg about why international producers...  


Walter Stokman • Director

Venice Days 2010

Walter Stokman • Director

Walter Stockman talks about his documentary Scena del Crimine, which aims to get beyond the clichés about...  

Philipp Stölzl • Director

Films are like Kids

Philipp Stölzl • Director

Philipp Stölzl’s new film The Physician, starring Stellan Skarsgård and Ben Kingsley, will be ready for...  


Oliver Stone  • Director

“The major studios didn’t want to touch this film”

Oliver Stone • Director

Oliver Stone sat down with Cineuropa at the 11th Rome Film Festival to discuss why Snowden was mostly...  


Oliver Stone - director

Interview - Berlin Film Festival 2003

Oliver Stone - director

With Comandante the director returned to documentary filmmaking, after a three year absence  

Audrius Stonys • Director

Showing the invisible

Audrius Stonys • Director

An interview with Lithuanian film director Audrius Stonys, who is the centre of a special focus at the...  


Jørgen Storm Rosenberg • Producer

"I make films that intrigue me"

Jørgen Storm Rosenberg • Producer

Jens Lien chose Jørgen Storm Rosenberg as his producer because of the way he reacted on the script  


Iginio Straffi • Director

"My gladiators against doping”

Iginio Straffi • Director

The director of the Winx Club returns to the big screen with Not Born to be Gladiators 3D, out in Italy on...