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Marcin Pieńkowski  • Artistic director, New Horizons Film Festival

“I want to keep surprising our audience”

Marcin Pieńkowski • Artistic director, New Horizons Film Festival

We met up with Marcin Pieńkowski to talk about his second edition as artistic director of the New Horizons...  

03/08/2018 | New Horizons 2018

Maciej Pieprzyca  • Director

"Why talk when the images tell you everything?"

Maciej Pieprzyca • Director

Maciej Pieprzyca, who won several awards in 2013 for Life Feels Good, talks to us about his new film, I’m...  


Leonardo Pieraccioni

The return of the prodigal son

Leonardo Pieraccioni

The small-scale "King Midas" of Italian cinema is shooting Il paradiso all'improvviso, his comeback film...  


John-Paul Pierrot  • Marketing manager, Picturehouse Cinemas

“Big data has allowed us to get a well-rounded view of our customers”

John-Paul Pierrot • Marketing manager, Picturehouse Cinemas

We sat down with John-Paul Pierrot, marketing manager at Picturehouse Cinemas, to discuss the advantages...  


Ülo Pikkov • Producer

"There is nothing more interesting for me than another human"

Ülo Pikkov • Producer

An interview with Estonian producer Ülo Pikkov of Silmviburlane, one of the participants of Jihlava's 2018...  

13/03/2018 | Emerging Producers 2018

Lydia Dean Pilcher • Producer

The green queen

Lydia Dean Pilcher • Producer

Producer Lydia Dean Pilcher talks about the shooting of Disney drama Queen of Katwe, for which African...  


Afonso Pimentel • Actor

Shooting Star 2007 – Portugal

Afonso Pimentel • Actor


Mirko Pincelli • Director

“Today there is no easy place to make films”

Mirko Pincelli • Director

We talked to Italian documentarian Mirko Pincelli about his feature-length fiction debut, The Habit of...  


David Pinheiro Vicente  • Director

"It's a wonderful time to be working in film in Portugal, there are amazing people and films"

David Pinheiro Vicente • Director

Cineuropa caught up with Portuguese director David Pinheiro Vicente to talk about his short film Where the...  

06/07/2018 | Future Frames 2018

Pedro Pinho • Director


Pedro Pinho • Director

CANNES 2017: We met up with Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Pinho to discuss his first full-length fiction...  


David Pinillos, director of Bon Appétit

Spanish Film Festival - Malaga

David Pinillos, director of Bon Appétit

The director speaks about his debut film, one of the surprises of the Official Selection at the thirteenth...  

Adina Pintilie  • Director

"I hope the film can open a dialogue and foster empathy, inclusion and freedom of expression"

Adina Pintilie • Director

Romanian director Adina Pintilie explores the challenges of making her first film, Touch Me Not  

23/02/2018 | Berlin 2018 | Competition

Claudia Pinto Emperador • Director

“I make films about the things that scare me, things I don’t understand”

Claudia Pinto Emperador • Director

Spanish-Venezuelan director-producer Claudia Pinto Emperador won the Eurimages Co-Production Development...  


Marios Piperides  • Director

"Borders can be broken down once we recognise familiarity in the face of the unknown"

Marios Piperides • Director

We spoke to Cypriot writer-director Marios Piperides about his feature debut, Smuggling Hendrix, which is...  

24/04/2018 | Tribeca 2018

Alex Pitstra • Director


Alex Pitstra • Director

Dutch director Alex Pitstra presented his first film Die Welt at the Brussels Film Festival  


Rafi Pitts  • Director

“Nobody anywhere in the world wants to up and leave their own country”

Rafi Pitts • Director

BERLIN 2016: Returning to the Berlinale with Soy Nero, director Rafi Pitts discusses how Green Card...