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Soudade Kaadan  • Director

“You don’t know how much you are traumatised until you leave”

Soudade Kaadan • Director

TORONTO 2018: We chatted to French-born Syrian director Soudade Kaadan about her Lion of the...  

21/09/2018 | Toronto 2018 | Discovery

Cordula Kablitz-Post  • Director

"I was looking for a role model, and I found a great deal of inspiration in Lou Andreas-Salomé"

Cordula Kablitz-Post • Director

We talked to German producer and filmmaker Cordula Kablitz-Post, who won Best Film at the Socially...  


Philipp Kadelbach  • Director of We Children From Bahnhof Zoo

“I want to see what my team offers - if it’s better than my idea, we leave it”

Philipp Kadelbach • Director of We Children From Bahnhof Zoo

German director Philipp Kadelbach talked to German Films after having finished his Amazon series We...  

27/08/2020 | /Germany

Karzan Kader • Director

"As a child, I dreamt that Rambo would help us fight Saddam"

Karzan Kader • Director

In his film Bekas, Kurdish-Swedish filmmaker Karzan Kader evokes his family's flight from Iraqi Kurdistan...  


Václav Kadrnka  • Director

“I am driven by instinct”

Václav Kadrnka • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: On the occasion of the world premiere of Little Crusader at Karlovy Vary, Cineuropa met...  


Václav Kadrnka  • Director of Saving One Who Was Dead

"To convey the personal experience my film is based on, I developed a very specific cinematic language"

Václav Kadrnka • Director of Saving One Who Was Dead

The Czech filmmaker discusses the third instalment in what he describes as his “Absence of a Loved One”...  

03/09/2021 | Karlovy Vary 2021 | Competition

Václav Kadrnka  • Filmmaker

“Work first, think later”

Václav Kadrnka • Filmmaker

Cineuropa talked to Czech writer-director-producer Václav Kadrnka about his upcoming film, which concludes...  


Jonas Kærup Hjort • Director of The Penultimate

"I wanted the main character to guide us trough existential questions of life"

Jonas Kærup Hjort • Director of The Penultimate

We chatted with Danish filmmaker Jonas Kærup Hjort, who is screening his convoluted and surreal debut...  

23/11/2020 | Black Nights 2020 | First Feature Competition

Wanuri Kahiu • Director


Wanuri Kahiu • Director

CANNES 2018: Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu talked to us about her film Rafiki, presented in this year's Un...  


Astrid Kahmke • Creative director, Bavarian Film Centre

“The creative people in VR have made a huge leap forward”

Astrid Kahmke • Creative director, Bavarian Film Centre

We talked to Astrid Kahmke, creative director of the Bavarian Film Centre, about her experience of...  

31/07/2019 | Filmfest München 2019

Cédric Kahn  • Director

"The film is all about the rebuilding of social bonds"

Cédric Kahn • Director

BERLIN 2018: French filmmaker Cédric Kahn talks to us about his new film The Prayer, presented in...  

18/02/2018 | Berlinale 2018 | Competition

Cédric Kahn • Director

“You mustn’t accept misfortune as fate”

Cédric Kahn • Director

Excessive debt, family, love, survival: the French director explains the reasons that drove him to make A...  


Viestur Kairish  • Director of The Sign Painter

"How can you survive as a human and not sell your soul"

Viestur Kairish • Director of The Sign Painter

We met up with Latvian director Viestur Kairish to discuss his latest film The Sign Painter, which...  

01/12/2020 | Black Nights 2020 | Competition

Tinatin Kajrishvili

Producer on the Move 2014 – Georgia

Tinatin Kajrishvili

Cineuropa met up with Georgia’s Producer on the Move, Tinatin Kajrishvili, of production outfit Gemini, to...  


Tinatin Kajrishvili • Director


Tinatin Kajrishvili • Director

We met up with Georgian director Tinatin Kajrishvili to discuss her latest film, Horizon  

01/03/2018 | Berlinale 2018 | Panorama

Tinatin Kajrishvili  • Director

"I wanted to make my debut with a powerful story, which at the same time would feel like my own"

Tinatin Kajrishvili • Director

Cineuropa spoke to Georgian filmmaker Tinatin Kajrishvili, who screened her feature debut, Brides, at the...  


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