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Telmo Esnal  • Director

“We wanted to turn tradition on its head”

Telmo Esnal • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: Basque director Telmo Esnal presents Dantza, the winning film at last year’s inaugural...  

25/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Special Presentations

Telmo Esnal • Director of URtzen

“You can’t stick a label on this film with a single adjective”

Telmo Esnal • Director of URtzen

The Basque filmmaker talks about his latest documentary, presented with Greenpeace’s Lurra Award at San...  

22/04/2021 | /Spain

Anthony Rey and Julie Esparbes  • Producers, Hélicotronc

"The desire to produce should prevail over necessity"

Anthony Rey and Julie Esparbes • Producers, Hélicotronc

Belgium's Hélicotronc celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and Cineuropa took the opportunity to...  


Daniel Espinosa • Director

The energy of despair

Daniel Espinosa • Director


Siamak Etemadi • Director of Pari

"Our lead actress carries the story very strongly all the way trough the character's journey"

Siamak Etemadi • Director of Pari

BERLINALE 2020: Iranian-born, Athens-based director Siamak Etemadi talked to us about his...  

05/03/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Panorama

Pauline Etienne - actress

Cinergie - The website of belgian cinema

Pauline Etienne - actress

Interview with Pauline Etienne, who has just appeared in her fourth feature, Black Heaven by Gilles Marchand  

Pauline Etienne, actress

Belgian cinema

Pauline Etienne, actress

Pauline Etienne watches Private Lessons  

Marta Etura • Actress

Shooting Star 2006 – Spain

Marta Etura • Actress


Jonatan Etzler  • Director of Get Ready With Me

"Film is a powerful tool, and now suddenly we’re in a time of social media when everybody’s a filmmaker"

Jonatan Etzler • Director of Get Ready With Me

As his short film Get Ready With Me prepared to screen at EFP’s Future Frames at Karlovy Vary, we caught...  

18/06/2019 | Future Frames 2019

David Evans • Producer

“The act of story-telling itself is what interests me”

David Evans • Producer

An interview with Welsh producer David Evans, one of the participants of the 2018 Emerging Producers  

05/03/2018 | Emerging Producers 2018

Steve Evets - actor

Video - European Film Awards 2009

Steve Evets - actor

British actor Steve Evets encourages the production of low-budget films which, like The Blair Witch...  

Sofia Exarchou  • Director

"The derelict Olympic Village mirrors a great deal of the Western world’s mentality"

Sofia Exarchou • Director

One of the most well-travelled films to screen at Thessaloniki, Sofia Exarchou’s feature debut, Park,...  


René Ezra • Producer

Producer On The Move 2006 - Denmark

René Ezra • Producer


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