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Clara van Gool  • Director of The Beast in the Jungle

“You can evoke more passion with a dance move than you can with a dialogue”

Clara van Gool • Director of The Beast in the Jungle

We chatted to Dutch director Clara van Gool to get the low-down on her IFFR-screened The Beast in the...  

31/01/2019 | Rotterdam 2019 | Limelight

Felix Van Groeningen • Director

"A microcosm that shows us the changes underway in society"

Felix Van Groeningen • Director

Cineuropa caught up with Felix van Groeningen, who recently won the Prize for Best Director at Sundance...  


Felix Van Groeningen  • Director

“People understood the purpose of the film – and they endorsed it”

Felix Van Groeningen • Director

Felix Van Groeningen’s fourth film and LUX Prize 2013 laureate The Broken Circle Breakdown, is one of the...  


Felix Van Groeningen • Director

LUX Prize 2013

Felix Van Groeningen • Director

Belgian director Felix Van Groeningen’s fourth feature The Broken Circle Breakdown is competing for the...  

Felix Van Groeningen • Director


Felix Van Groeningen • Director

The Broken Circle Breakdown’s director Felix Van Groeningen is one of the TEN EUROPEAN DIRECTORS TO WATCH...  

Felix van Groeningen • Director

“Evoking the feeling of travel”

Felix van Groeningen • Director

Cinergie met Félix van Groeningen who deciphered his melodrama The Broken Circle Breakdown.  


Felix van Groeningen • Director

“An orchestrated chaos”

Felix van Groeningen • Director

Interview with the young Flemish director in Paris in the offices of his French distributor MK2  


Felix van Groeningen • Director

Growing up

Felix van Groeningen • Director


Felix Van Groeningen  • Director of Beautiful Boy

"Filming Beautiful Boy in the US was a very profound experience for me"

Felix Van Groeningen • Director of Beautiful Boy

We met up with the Flemish director Felix Van Groeningen to talk about his new feature, Beautiful Boy –...  


Pieter Van Hees  • Director

“A deviant crime thriller”

Pieter Van Hees • Director

Rendez-vous at the Les Arcs Festival with Belgian director Pieter Van Hees who deciphers his gripping...  


Pieter Van Hees • Director

Dirty Mind

Pieter Van Hees • Director


Bart Van Langendonck • Producer


Bart Van Langendonck • Producer

Philippe Van Leeuw  • Director

"It’s not a war film, but a film about war"

Philippe Van Leeuw • Director

Philippe Van Leeuw once again deals a striking blow with Insyriated, the story of a punishing day in the...  


Philippe Van Leeuw, director of Le Jour ou Dieu est parti en voyage

Video - San Sebastián Film Festival 2009

Philippe Van Leeuw, director of Le Jour ou Dieu est parti en voyage

Belgian filmmaker Philippe Van Leeuw has received the Kutxa - New Directors Award 2009 for his feature Le...  

Inke Van Loocke  • Manager, CineMart and Rotterdam Lab

"We want to create a market experience that meets the needs and ambitions of our selected projects"

Inke Van Loocke • Manager, CineMart and Rotterdam Lab

With the 36th CineMart poised to run from 27-30 January, Inke Van Loocke, manager of CineMart and...  

24/01/2019 | Rotterdam 2019 | IFFR Pro

Govinda Van Maele  • Director

“Making a film in Luxembourg forces you to face an aesthetic conundrum”

Govinda Van Maele • Director

TORONTO 2017: Cineuropa sat down with Govinda Van Maele to discuss the story behind his debut feature,...