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Mathieu Fournet • Head of European and International Affairs, CNC

"Cannes is the place where everyone in the film world goes"

Mathieu Fournet • Head of European and International Affairs, CNC

CANNES 2019: Having taken up the reins as director of the CNC’s European and international affairs,...  

24/05/2019 | Cannes 2019

Cormac Fox • Producer, Vico Films

"You can make films on any budget level with the right combination of talent and energy"

Cormac Fox • Producer, Vico Films

Irish producer Cormac Fox, selected as one of the 2019 Producers on the Move, discusses his past work and...  

10/05/2019 | Producers on the Move 2019

Michelangelo Frammartino  • Director

“A political film on the relationship between man and nature”

Michelangelo Frammartino • Director

Interview at the Cannes Film Festival 2010 with the Italian director after the presentation of The Four...  


Marine Francen  • Director

"I wanted us to feel everything that these women experience through their bodies"

Marine Francen • Director

Marine Francen talks about her debut feature, The Sower, winner at San Sebastian and released in French...  

15/11/2017 | Bergamo 2018

Aisling Franciosi • Actress

"TV and film feel a little bit more intimate than theatre"

Aisling Franciosi • Actress

BERLIN 2019: Irish actress Aisling Franciosi, selected for the 2019 Shooting Stars, talks to us about her work  

18/02/2019 | Shooting Stars 2019

Fernando Franco  •  Director

“You have to be plucky to shoot a film”

Fernando Franco • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2017: Fernando Franco is back at the Basque gathering following the success he enjoyed there...  


Fernando Franco • Director

“If something is off in Wounded, it is my fault”

Fernando Franco • Director

The editor from Seville switches to directing with a brave, hard and naturalist feature film, Special...  


Claude François • Director

“I filmed those paintings out of pleasure”

Claude François • Director

We met up with Belgian documentary director Claude François to discuss his latest film, Le Pavillon des Douze  


Eric Franssen • Head, Wallonie Bruxelles Images

"We are looking to enlarge our scale of collaborations with different territories"

Eric Franssen • Head, Wallonie Bruxelles Images

BERLIN 2019: Eric Franssen, head of Wallonie Bruxelles Images, the official agency for the audiovisual...  

22/02/2019 | Berlin 2019 | EFM

Angelos Frantzis - director

Rotterdam International Film Festival

Angelos Frantzis - director

Director Angelos Frantzis talks about his festival darling In the Woods, a semi-experimental Greek drama...  

Angelos Frantzis • Director of Still River

"Something that could have been a nightmare ended up being a blessing"

Angelos Frantzis • Director of Still River

We met up with Greek director Angelos Frantzis, who has screened his new film Still River in competition...  

03/12/2018 | Black Nights 2018 | Competition

Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz  • Directors

"Cinema has the power to make people stop thinking and start shivering"

Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz • Directors

Cineuropa spoke to Austrian filmmaking duo Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, who won the Brussels...  


Stephen Frears  • Director

“There is so much there that we could also have made other films about it”

Stephen Frears • Director

In his new film, The Program, award-winning British filmmaker Stephen Frears unfurls a gripping drama...  


Stephen Frears • Director

"I would like the Pope to see my film"

Stephen Frears • Director

The British director presented his film Philomena at the 70th Venice Mostra, a delicious sweet and sour...  


Stephen Frears • Director

Interview [IT]

Stephen Frears • Director

Stephen Frears talks about the story of his film Tamara Drewe, starring Gemma Arterton  

Stephen  Frears  • Director

“Colette’s secret”

Stephen Frears • Director

Excerpts from the press conference with the British director at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival. Frears was...