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Celia Rowlson-Hall  • Director


Celia Rowlson-Hall • Director

VENICE 2015: The American choreographer and multi-award-winning performer Celia Rowlson-Hall is at the...  


Eduardo Roy Jr. • Director


Eduardo Roy Jr. • Director

VENICE 2016: The third feature by Filipino director Eduardo Roy Jr, Ordinary People, in competition in the...  


Anna Różalska • Producer of The Great Match

"This recognition is proof for us that the values we’re promoting are close to all sorts of people around the world"

Anna Różalska • Producer of The Great Match

We chatted to producer Anna Różalska, of Poland’s Match&Spark, about The Great Match, which scooped the...  

04/12/2019 | Black Nights 2019 | Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Melanie Rozencwajg • Co-Founder & CEO, Archive Valley

Melanie Rozencwajg • Co-Founder & CEO, Archive Valley

EDN spoke to Melanie Rozencwajg, co-founder & CEO of Archive Valley, about her passion for archives and...  


Mathias Rubin

Producer on the Move 2014 – France

Mathias Rubin

In Paris, Cineuropa met up with Mathias Rubin, a producer at Récifilms and European Film Promotion’s...  


Sergio Rubini - actor and director


Sergio Rubini - actor and director

Italian actor and director is at the press conference to present his film L'Anima Gemella within the 59th...  

Alina Rudnitskaya  • Director of School of Seduction

“This story is about me”

Alina Rudnitskaya • Director of School of Seduction

Cineuropa talked to Alina Rudnitskaya, the director of School of Seduction, about what it means to be a...  

07/10/2019 | Zurich 2019

Tomasz Emil  Rudzik  • Director

A lift full of stories

Tomasz Emil Rudzik • Director

Interview with a director who was born in Poland, lives and works in Germany, and has won multiple awards...  


Mikel Rueda  • Director of El doble más quince

“There’s more than one way to love”

Mikel Rueda • Director of El doble más quince

Basque filmmaker Mikel Rueda makes his return to the official competition at the Malaga Spanish Film...  

22/03/2019 | Malaga 2019

Christophe Ruggia

Children can save the world

Christophe Ruggia

The French director of Les Diables and Le gone du Chaaba speaks about his poetry, his Algerian childhood,...  


Iulia Rugină  • Director

"Not welcoming new voices sentences Romanian cinema to a premature ageing"

Iulia Rugină • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Cineuropa caught up with Iulia Rugină, who talks about the challenges of her third...  


Iulia Rugina • Director

Sending out powerful emotions

Iulia Rugina • Director

Iulia Rugina’s feature debut, Love Building, won over audiences at the Transylvania Film Festival.  


Catarina Ruivo • Director

The task of growing up

Catarina Ruivo • Director

Catarina Ruivo, discreet and affable, currently inhabiting the space between editing and her next...  


Javier Ruiz Caldera • Director

Venice Days 2013

Javier Ruiz Caldera • Director

Spanish director Javier Ruiz Caldera presented Three Many Weddings at the closing night of the 2013...  


Stefano Rulli • President, "100autori"

"Industry shortsightedness in cuts to culture"

Stefano Rulli • President, "100autori"


Rúnar Rúnarsson  • Director

"Life is more complex than a single moral in 90 minutes"

Rúnar Rúnarsson • Director

At the Les Arcs European Film Festival, talented Icelandic director Rúnar Rúnarsson broke down his second...