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Irene M. Borrego • Producer, 59 en Conserva

“We are surrounded by thousands of potentially fascinating films”

Irene M. Borrego • Producer, 59 en Conserva

Interview with Irene M. Borrego, producer for Spanish company 59 en Conserva and selected for the 2020...  

26/02/2020 | Emerging Producers 2020

Ivo M Ferreira  • Director

"A story of love and survival"

Ivo M Ferreira • Director

BERLIN 2016: Portuguese filmmaker Ivo M Ferreira talks about Letters from War, screened in competition at...  


Andrés M Koppel • Director

“Investigating a serious crime takes tremendous patience”

Andrés M Koppel • Director

Andrés M Koppel is presenting his feature-length debut, La niebla y la doncella, at the 20th Malaga...  


Dan Maag • Producer

“Our goal is to reach a wide audience with our productions”

Dan Maag • Producer

German Films chatted to producer Dan Maag about his production company along with Marco Beckmann and...  


Vincent Macaigne  ­• Actor, director

“I wanted to revive the anger that Molière portrayed in his original text”

Vincent Macaigne ­• Actor, director

LOCARNO 2015: Actor Vincent Macaigne talks to us about his first feature film as a director, Dom Juan, a...  


Germano Maccioni • Director

”Impermanence helps us to live in a more conscious and lively way”

Germano Maccioni • Director

LOCARNO 2017: We got the chance to talk to Italian filmmaker Germano Maccioni, whose debut fiction film...  


AndrewMacdonald • Producer

The courage of quality

AndrewMacdonald • Producer

The "golden boy" of UK cinema looks fearlessly into the sun  


Tekla Machavariani • Producer, Nushi Film

“The most important for a producer is to not lose the sense of empathy”

Tekla Machavariani • Producer, Nushi Film

Interview with Tekla Machavariani, producer for Georgian company Nushi Film and selected for the 2020...  

24/02/2020 | Emerging Producers 2020

Marie Pierre Macia

"Teaching people to love cinema"

Marie Pierre Macia

A meeting with Marie-Pierre Macia, the delegate-general of Paris Cinéma, scheduled to run from 2-15 July...  


George Mackay • United Kingdom

Shooting Stars 2014

George Mackay • United Kingdom

George Mackay made a huge splash last year, starring in both successful and acclaimed How I Live Now, For...  


Eoin Macken  • Director of Here Are the Young Men

“When you’re in a night club, listening to music, nothing else matters apart from your world and its orbit”

Eoin Macken • Director of Here Are the Young Men

DMovies sat down with the Irish filmmaker to talk about the adaptation of Rob Doyle’s novel, the...  

07/06/2021 | /Ireland/USA

David Mackenzie • Director


David Mackenzie • Director

Scottish director David Mackenzie talks about his latest film Starred Up and about his upcoming projects.  


Aïcha Macky • Director of Zinder

“I am lucky to have in my possession a powerful tool that could help to make voices heard”

Aïcha Macky • Director of Zinder

The second feature-length documentary from the Nigerien filmmaker is set in her hometown Zinder  

23/04/2021 | Visions du Réel 2021 | Competition

John Maclean  • Director

"My European western"

John Maclean • Director

The Scottish director made his European premiere at the Bif&st with his stunning debut Slow West, Jury...  


Jan Macola

Producers on the Move 2015 - Czech Republic

Jan Macola

After being head of co-productions, development and marketing at Barrandov Studios, Jan Macola decided to...  


Jan Macola  • Producer

"I never impose my will on the director"

Jan Macola • Producer

We met up with Jan Macola, Emerging Producer 2017 from Czech Republic, to discuss his work with the...  


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