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Ada Solomon  • Producer

“If we look too far into the distance, we risk falling into the hole at our feet”

Ada Solomon • Producer

Ada Solomon, one of Romania’s leading producers, who recently released Ivana the Terrible in her home...  

08/04/2020 | /Romania/Serbia

Adriana Solomon • producer

LUX Prize 2010, European Parliament

Adriana Solomon • producer

Interview with the producer of Medal of Honor, a tragicomic film about every human being’s desire to...  

Alexandru Solomon • Director


Alexandru Solomon • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: We caught up with Romanian director Alexandru Solomon, who is in the Documentary...  


Peter Sølvsten Thomsen • Distributor, Angel Films

"This spirit of cooperation is quite a unique feature of our market"

Peter Sølvsten Thomsen • Distributor, Angel Films

We talked to the distributor about film distribution in Denmark and the company's strategy  

28/01/2021 | /Denmark

Ben  Sombogaart  • Director

"A romantic and involving epic"

Ben Sombogaart • Director

Reuniting with the team of his 2003 Oscar-nominated film came easy to the director  


Victoria Carmen Sonne • Actress

"Cancelling a project is just like losing a great love"

Victoria Carmen Sonne • Actress

BERLINALE 2020: Denmark's Shooting Star Victoria Carmen Sonne talks to us about herself, her work and...  

04/03/2020 | Shooting Stars 2020

Caspar Sonnen • Head of New Media, IDFA DocLab


Caspar Sonnen • Head of New Media, IDFA DocLab

CANNES NEXT: Cineuropa has talked to Caspar Sonnen, head of new media at IDFA DocLab, at Cannes Film...  


Caspar Sonnen • IDFA Doc Lab curator


Caspar Sonnen • IDFA Doc Lab curator

CANNES NEXT: Cineuropa met up with International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam's IDFA Doc Lab...  


Ali Soozandeh • Director


Ali Soozandeh • Director

CANNES 2017: We have interviewed Iranian filmmaker Ali Soozandeh, who is competing with his first feature...  


Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopeña • Directors

From TV comedy to suspense films and maths

Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopeña • Directors


Zornitsa Sophia Popgantcheva  • Director

"Those who leave their children behind to fight are more motivated to go all the way"

Zornitsa Sophia Popgantcheva • Director

A guest at the 11th Festa del cinema bulgaro in Rome, director Zornitsa Sophia Popgantcheva talks to...  


Per-Olav Sørensen  • Director

“A romantic comedy with no dialogue – 100% musical!"

Per-Olav Sørensen • Director

Cineuropa met up with the Norwegian director as his new film, Ta meg med!, was released in his country  


Nicola Sornaga - director

Interview - Venice 2003

Nicola Sornaga - director

French director is at the 60th Venice Film Festival to present his film Le dernier des immobiles  

Rodrigo Sorogoyen • Director

“You have to reflect a frustration one way or another”

Rodrigo Sorogoyen • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2016: Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyen presents May God Save Us, a thriller starring...  


Rodrigo Sorogoyen  • Director of Madre

“As soon as you see a woman in her forties and a young boy, there’s something that doesn't work”

Rodrigo Sorogoyen • Director of Madre

VENICE 2019: Cineuropa chatted with Spanish helmer Rodrigo Sorogoyen about his feature Madre, playing in...  

06/09/2019 | Venice 2019 | Orizzonti

Rodrigo Sorogoyen  • Director of Riot Police

“This show is the most ambitious thing we’ve ever done”

Rodrigo Sorogoyen • Director of Riot Police

Rodrigo Sorogoyen distils all the strengths of his previous work into Riot Police, a brutal and compelling...  

25/09/2020 | San Sebastián 2020 | Out of Competition

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