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Magnus von Horn  • Director of Sweat

“We all want a platform to express ourselves”

Magnus von Horn • Director of Sweat

CANNES 2020: We talked about Sweat with Warsaw-based director Magnus von Horn, who, despite focusing on a...  

22/06/2020 | Cannes 2020

Ulrike von Ribbeck • director

"Teamwork, trust and tension"

Ulrike von Ribbeck • director


Manuel von Stürler • Director

"I tried very hard not to make a nostalgic film"

Manuel von Stürler • Director

With Winter Nomads, Manuel von Stürler signs his first documentary about an unusual human adventure: the...  


Lars von Trier

In search of new forms of expression

Lars von Trier

“I don’t see other people’s films, but make the films that I myself would like to see”  


Lars von Trier • Director

“I’ve never killed anyone myself… If I do, it will probably be a journalist”

Lars von Trier • Director

CANNES 2018: Lars von Trier is back in town, out of competition with The House That Jack Built, feeling...  

16/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Out of Competition

Lars von Trier • Director

Von Trier’s train wreck

Lars von Trier • Director

The enfant terrible of European cinema tells all about Melancholia, his "beautiful film about the end of...  


Lars   von Trier   • Director

Von Trier's train wreck

Lars von Trier • Director

The Danish director answered questions from the international press following the premiere of Melancholia,...  


Lars von Trier • Director

“A very dark dream about guilt and sexuality”

Lars von Trier • Director

Cannes 2009 Lars von Trier • Director “A very dark dream about guilt and sexuality”  


Lars von Trier - director - Nicole Kidman - Actress

Interview - Cannes Film Festival 2003

Lars von Trier - director
Nicole Kidman - Actress

The Danish director comes back to Cannes to show his film Dogville in company with the actress Nicole Kidman  

Margarethe von Trotta  • Director

The predecessor of all von Trotta women

Margarethe von Trotta • Director


Roland Vranik • Director

Black Brush

Roland Vranik • Director

Being lucky with a good team  


Pavle Vučković  • Director

“The award will help to give the project a seal of quality”

Pavle Vučković • Director

We spoke to Serbian filmmaker Pavle Vučković just after he won the €20,000 Eurimages Co-production...  

06/06/2018 | Transilvania 2018 | Industry

Maja Vukic  • Producer

"Reality can sometimes be a lot more absurd than fiction"

Maja Vukic • Producer

At the Cinemed Meetings, Croatian producer Maja Vukic talked about What a Country!, the new project by...  


Bojan Vuletić  • Director

“The new system inevitably leads to an identity crisis”

Bojan Vuletić • Director

BERLIN 2017: Serbian writer-director Bojan Vuletić spoke to Cineuropa about Requiem for Mrs. J., which...  


Timo Vuorensola • Director

Creative control via crowd funding

Timo Vuorensola • Director

For his science-fiction sequel, Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola already raised US $182,000 on the Internet  


Timo Vuorensola • Director

From a steamy sauna to the world screen

Timo Vuorensola • Director

Finnish director talks about inventing a local sci-fi from scratch, starting in 2006, how it was saved by...  


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